Rumor has it RE: Season tix sales

I am hearing we are currently around 19,000. I think another push is coming. It seems 20000 is doable. We have come a long way. More to go, but that’s great stuff.


Twenty k is on the way.

If UH is at 19k now I’m kind of disappointed. It’s possible the ticket office defections hurt the momentum they had with ‘the streak’ in February (of selling 100 new season tix a day). Had UH kept up even 60% of that pace we should have passed 20k last month.

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Well, half empty, half full depending on how you look at it. in 2015 we had 14,650, which was LESS than Levine the previous year. CoogNation is a fickle bunch and to see it slowly transform into what it should be is pretty awesome.

After looking at some old posts from the other site I’ll temper my disappointment. Seems only 89% renewed. Which begs the question ‘who are these idiots that make up the 11%’?

Hopefully we’ll hit 20k early July. That will still be cool.

Anyone know the deadline for buying season tickets and still getting the OU game included?

I am confident we will get to 20K, especially as the summer moves closer to the season and we get more press coverage.

BTW my daughter just went to freshman orientation this week at UH. I am a Coog, my wife is a Coog, now my daughter will be. I could not be more proud.
Go Coogs!


Hey 81! Good to see you.

Oil and gas related job cuts, etc


Not being in O&G I sometimes forget that fact.

I know one person on the old board said that he didn’t renew because he had to pay for a wedding but was going to buy new tickets later. My question, how does the 89% renewals compare to previous years.

I know their goal was 90%, so they did almost exactly that.

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Keep in mind people also move away or pass way (RIP)

I was told by ticket office person that we are over 19K and expect to hit 20K by the end of this month, but surely by August. If we hit 20K by July 15, I think 21K is doable by end of August.

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Probably people who lost their jobs and couldn’t afford the price increases.

EXACTLY!!! The cost of tickets have gone up and a lot of people are being laid off. 8 neighbors on just my street have sold their house in this past year and moved on. Considering all the factors, we are doing very good and I won’t be disappointed if we don’t hit 20k. Besides I think the student section is going to be making a jump again this year whether the area for the students increases or not.

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If UH was at 19K at the end of last month then all it needs is 50 new a day to hit 20K by the end of this month. Someone posted on TOS UH was near 19,200 a few days ago so its certainly doable. Of course it would be a nice round number to pass.

Only 111 200-level tickets remain available on the web site. Crazy that there are still 50 yard line seats on both the North and South sides left.

On another note, the way these numbers have trickled out I don’t think they can include Little Coogs tickets. Also, the way they took payment for LilCoog tickets was better this year than last(only sold 800 or so last year I read somewhere vs 3k in past years). So the number of tickets that will be available for single game sales might be lower than we expect at the start of the season.

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I wonder how many more will jump on if we beat OU?

Same here. My daughter is #UH20 too. Wife and I met at UH.

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I just renewed my 46er’s membership today and joined the Men’s basketball 50/50 club.As I was doing this, Cougar Pride told me that the season ticket sales as of today June 16, 2016 is circa 19.300!! They said that they are 700 away from the immediate goal of 20,000. GOOD NEWS!!


Thanks for sharing! And just think where it was just 10 years ago. Incredible.