Rumor: Orlando recommended D’Onofrio

…and would have hired him had he been an HC. I hope D’Onofrio’s style and system is verified soon so it will calm people down. This coming from a Cane source. I obviously can’t verify the rumor.

If this is true, than the hire makes that more sense.

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Sure hope thats true…VERY strong recommendation

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Can see it. Both are northeastern guys and probably ran in similar circles as players and coaches. Similar defenses.

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The reaction is all over the map at Temple’s Cherry and White Forum on Scout. Good recruiter, great coach, okay coach, bad coach. Bend not break D. I guess we’ll find out. As an occasional visitor to the Temple site, I’ve noticed that we each attract the same type of posters. It must be a city thing.

Sumlin recommended Levine.


So what? I’m not saying it will or won’t work out but that there’s a connection.

Im choosing to be optimistic rather than wallow in doom and gloom.

And how many people came back and admitted they were wrong for piling on the Orlando hire when he showed that he was a cut above?

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Of course he recommended him - why wouldn’t he want to weaken the competition if he could?

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So you aren’t suggesting that TO’s recommendation of ‘No D’ is a good thing, just that they are connected.

Ok, got it.

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Will we ever find out who was the #1 choice that we did not get?

I am going to guess that it was Shannon, but we’ll likely never know…

Do you guys think he was the DC for his daughters 8th grade football team last year?

My guess was that he was probably burnt out from Miami and took time to reevaluate some things and spend time with family since he had the financial means to not have to work. He has two teenagers and they will be out if the house before you know it.

I am saying we don’t know how it’s going to turn out and they run similar systems. We need an attacking defense like we ran under Orlando, and one committed to stopping the run. And a recommendation from Orlando who would have hired him has some weight (if it happened).

But you have already made up your mind so not sure the point in even responding.

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But they don’t run similar systems, at all.

Orlando doesn’t run, and has never run, a 2 gap, “bend but don’t break” defense.

The more apt comparison for 'Onofrio (no D) is to John Skladany.

I can’t seem to get good information… I keep hearing complete opposite things. But if it is a Skladany defense we are in much much much trouble.

Read some of the articles …Seems he has many of Orlando’s same ideas.

Skladany ran a 4-3. D’Onofrio will run a 3-4 similar to Orlando’s. I can understand some anxiety after the Miami fans’ comments, but the negativity has become absurd. I’m concerned about CB and OLB, but I still think we have the personnel to be the best or certainly one of the best defenses in the AAC. If we’re not, I’ll voice my concerns. Until then everyone is simply speculating. We don’t know just what the situation was at Miami in terms of discipline, effort, injuries, etc. Pointless to post something knocking our new coach every day. It accomplishes nothing good.

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Sam, i really appreciate your post. Too many posters engaging in pointless hysterics and unwilling to be reasonable.
I contacted Joseph Duarte yesterday, and Duarte told me that he would do an interview with D’Onofrio next week and we will get a lot better idea what he wants to do, defensively , here…
PEOPLE need to understand something. We will run the defense that coach Applewhite WANTS. If he wants a 3-4 attacking defense, then guess what, thats what we will run. I am suspecting that coach D knows that and has told Major he can make it work here…

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I’m reserving judgement til later, but I doubt that our DC is flexible enough to run what CMA wants. I think that CMA hired the Coach to run the defense he wants and the defense the coordinator knows. I don’t think it is just as easy to swap from 3 front to 4 front.

Doubt coach O recommended him…not this coach.
CMA was out a job for a year. He hires Coach “no D” who was also unemployed for a year. Echoes of a " I know his soul" hire. In first head coaching gig …of all the options out there, from the NFL to Division III, CMA, hires a guy off the streets whose record is atrocious to anchor one of the most important positions on the field.
Baffling …