Running on Flat Tires!

You can tell - just by looking at this site; very few posts just now! Everybody is “down in the mouth,” it seems.

Let’s change all that this Saturday by knocking the stuffing out of SMU!


I agree 100%. We also need to convey to our leaders that they have our full support to push forward. They also need to pursue every avenue possible to get into a P5. I did not like that we read/heard that the small12 was our so called “only” plan into a P5. It would be awesome to see a major banner/multiple banners expressing our desire to get into a P5. Pictures speak louder than words.
Here is a few examples.

What really T’s me off is that I don’t think the little-12 ever had any intention of expanding at all. They made about a dozen schools spend a lot of time and money putting together presentations, for the sole purpose of making ESPN think they were about to expand, which would force them to pay the same amount for each new addition as they have been paying each of the present members.

All of that dog and pony show was for the sole purpose of getting ESPN to offer them more money each year if they would cancel that clause in the TV contract and stay at ten members, which is what they intended in the first place. (I know we have no proof - yet - that this is what happened, but I would bet money on it.)

I look forward to the day when the conference crashes and burns, and I hope that many of the members find no new home!

I have always been afraid of this outcome, and it reinforces my long-held belief that: NEVER - EVER - TRUST - UTA!

If they say good morning, check your watch; it is probably afternoon.

If this is truly what happened (and it does appear to be the case), the B12 just burned a huge bridge with ESPN and Fox. I’m certain the networks don’t appreciate being essentially blackmailed and that feeling will be made known when that contract is renegotiated. I, too, hope the B12 burns to the ground. This is the classic case of winning a battle, but losing the war. And all because of greed. They’ll get what’s coming to them eventually.

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In another thread, I stated my recent show of support was to make a $12 donation to Cougar Pride. I encourage the rest of you to do so as well.

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In a perfect world justice will come to them. Unfortunately espn and FOX need them. This has been at the core of the problem since day one. uta DICTATES what they want. There is NOTHING that espn or FOX can do. They do not choose to showcase them? Others will come in a heartbeat. They consider everybody else as nothing than their lackeys. I am an optimist, they will one day what is coming to them.

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