Rushing stats

Our RBs had 18 carries for 32 yards.
Their longest rush was 5 yards

I’m not a fan of Catalon but I think the OL is to blame.


We saw some improvement in the OL this year but it wasn’t enough to help either QB or RB make a play.

Maybe it’s a my gut reaction but I really want to blame the OL for that tipped interception.

What troubles me is Applewhite saying before the season that he wants a run based offense because championship teams run the ball. If 32 yards on 18 carries is what we can do, then we are a long way from winning any championships

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We missed a lot of blocks

We ran it a lot better when we were a passing offense.


We had 3 games where an RB went over 100 yards
Catalon 177 vs SMU
Birden 106 vs Memphis
Car 136 vs USF

By contrast we had 5 games where the leading RB didn’t get 60 yards

Full disclosure, one game our QB went over 100 yards,King 141 vs Tulane

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It makes me wonder if it is the blocking scheme, or the talent.

I vote talent due in large to coaching turnover

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I think there’s room for improvement all the way around… play design, play calling, offensive line, QB read, and RB play


We went against a very good run defense and our OL just wasn’t good enough to establish any semblance of a run game. Special Teams gaffe in the 3rd hurt badly as it kept the defense out their for too long and didn’t allow any kind of offense rhythm in the 2nd half.

The pick 6 was just a great play by FSU. Thought the OL did a good job in pass protection on that play (and really, all night), but the guy just got his hand up to tip the ball and the DB made a great play to catch it. Tip your hat to them on that one.

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Completely agree with you.

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We did? This has been by far the biggest issue for us. We don’t have the greatest backs, but they get hit in the backfield way too much. On that last drive King was running for his life, there were three straight plays when Fresno has multiple guys in the backfield, one time it was 4 players! It was supposed to be zone blocking, but it was like the line just decided to not block anybody. I think we need a better OL coach and hope like hell some of the younger guys really develop this offseason.

Yes. Just about every metric improved.

The OLine was a much better pass-blocking unit this year. Our QBs weren’t running for their lives like Ward had to do last year.

However, the run blocking is still subpar and continues to be a problem with the offense we’re running. Need to tailor the offense better to our athletes instead of trying to force a system on them.

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OL doesn’t get to second level at all. Too easy for LBs to come in and clean up.

We were down two starting O-lineman from the beginning of the year, Fontana and Eloph. So at least two guys on the O-line wouldn’t have been there if those two hadn’t been lost.