Russian losses 8-10%

Per CNN. Military guys, how significant is this ? What are implications for moral , estimated value of losses, etc

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US estimates Russian military has lost 8% to 10% of military assets used in invasion of Ukraine, official says

From CNN’s Jim Sciutto

The US estimates that as much as 8% to 10% of Russian military assets used in the invasion of Ukraine is now destroyed or inoperable, according to a US official familiar with the latest intelligence.

The equipment lost includes tanks, aircraft, artillery and other military assets. That is close to double the losses that CNN reported last week when it was estimated Russia had lost 3% to 5% of its military assets.

The US estimates the Ukrainian military has lost a similar percentage of its assets, the official said.

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That is all speculation. Let’s hope putin’s army fails miserably. More than likely putin will win this war but at what cost at home and abroad.


He may capture Ukraine, but holding it will be nearly impossible.

Agree, he may win the battle but won’t win the war.

I dunno Chris, I’d call it better then speculation…maybe more educated guess with some hard intelligence. I see Russians winning many many battles the longer the conflict goes on, but ultimately losing the war. Ukrainians will fight for their home.

OTOH this could be planned US disinformation to motivate Ukraine and demoralize the Russians.

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Getting the Polish Migs could be a big game changer.

i have to find the site again, but it tracked only verified losses/captured from both sides and Ukraine has captured more Russian vehicles then they have lost

Found It

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Great video on Russia’s logistical failures.

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this war is like a gut shot deer, its already dead(Russia lost), just a matter of how far it gets before it drops. Russian logistics has basically failed completely and no matter how many combat units they have on paper its meaningless w/o supplies. The Russian Army started the war with only like 4000 trucks vs the US which has 100k FMTVs not even counting all the other truck chassis it uses. Russia has committed all of the forces built up for the invasion which amounts to nearly 2/3rds of their entire combat force. there is nothing left to send w/o stripping garrisons from all over the country and leaving vast regions of Russia undefended.

with the supplies they do have they will shell and bomb the living **** out of everything they can reach but in the end like always to actually TAKE territory you have to send in the grunts, and when they do enter into those bombed out cities, there they shall die. (see Battle of Monte Cassino)

This IS the Russian Army, there is no other shoe waiting to drop (besides nukes) they sold it to pay for their Dacha’s

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I don’t believe that will happen under this administration.

Yep. Biden stopped this.