Russian Three Star General CAPTURED in Ukraine

Lol. .

Well, looks like Putin has a weapon of mass destruction.

Putin will unleash him on Ukrainian buffets where he will do major economic damage.


Butt kisser no. 1

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More than one way to erode NATO support for Ukraine? Threaten terror attacks. Sheesh…

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What the hell went wrong with Steven Seagal?

Aside from becoming a D list celeb there is this…he went oo Russia to evade US taxes. He is given a celebrity status there he no longer has here.

Germany Okays A Dozen Polish Tanks For Ukraine. Hundreds More Could Follow. (

Ukraine war latest: Congressmen call to give Ukraine Abrams tanks to ensure delivery of German Leopards (


US may deliver ‘significant number’ of Abrams tanks to Ukraine despite Pentagon misgivings (

U.S. has been escalating this war bit by bit. The road to the abyss if we keep at it. Yes, I know Russia invaded Ukraine.


Help Ukraine drive back the aggressors.

Send a message to future would be aggressors by doing so.


It’s cheaper to send military hardware that engaging in an actual war where American lives will be lost.


At some point we should consider direct air support. It’ll save lives.

That would me a massive undertaking. First order of business, the air defense systems need to be destroyed or downgraded to allow CAS. If these air defense systems are in Russia, how do we get to them. of course, its direct confrontation, so we’re in a state of war with Russia.

An Air Battle Is Raging Over Bakhmut (

IDK. Good point. If Russia won’t launch nukes, then everything is on the table. If the Poles had their way, they’d be on the road to Moscow, had enough of this stuff over the centuries.


Militarily, we won’t engage them directly.

But I’d arm Ukraine absolutely to the teeth with conventional weapons and tracked vehicles.

Give 'em what it takes to push the Rooskies back!


Up to 50 Abrams tanks.


it was only a matter of time for aircraft…

Ukraine Situation Report: Kyiv Claims New Combat Aircraft Has Been Determined

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The tweet link contains a video of these soldiers pleading for help. Russia supports its troops?

1/ Mobilised Russians from Siberia are upset that their commanders lied to them about where they would be serving, say they are living in appalling conditions with little equipment or supplies, and appeal for relief after suffering heavy losses on the front line.

7/ According to relatives’ accounts, mobiks from Siberia have been not been incorporated into the regular Russian army, but into the notoriously brutal and badly led ‘People’s Militias’ of the puppet ‘People’s Republics’ of Donetsk and Luhansk.