Russian Three Star General CAPTURED in Ukraine

Highest ranking POW since WWII.


The weakness of the Russian military and their chain of command continues to be exposed.

It looks like Ukraine has had some recent offensive success.

And i got a chuckle of a group of Ukrainian hackers who posed as Ukrainian women and got Russian soilders to share their location which they later bombed.


Hope this is right…go Ukraine


is there any actual confirmation on that? havent seen an actual confirmation on all the NAFO/OSINT accts i follow.

It’s wild to me that there is certain sect of Americans who think what Putin/Russia is doing is somehow justified and defend it. Blizzaro world.

As for the Russian invasion, it’s been pretty eye opening what crap the Russian military is. What an absolute embarrassment for Putin. You LOVE to see it.


It’s alleged some Russian soldiers are selling there weapons to the Ukrainians. Think it’s only a matter of time before they see there military collapse thats where it really becomes dangerous.

To see them struggle this much in their
own backyard has surprised me a bit. Their
military seems overrated. But let’s not discount
the fight in defending one’s homeland from an
invader either.

I don’t know what all is out there on the web, but what I’ve seen is really careful not to give away unit deployments. I’m happy for the info we get. Looks like resupply by rail is getting tough for the Russians.

Ukraine could bog down, but crazy to see how fast the Russians are collapsing in places. Should they lose this, I think Putin is out. The military will push him into retirement before they become unable to defend their borders.

Push him out a window?

There is footage I saw, not sure how,legit of a speeding Russian tank that sheds soilders and makes a fast turn and then drives into a large tree, taking the tree out and stopping the tank in its tracks.

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That’s funny; got a link ?

Having been fooled once on some video game action posted, I’m become a little more skeptical of spectacular war footage videos. But they are interesting to watch no matter.

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I am looking for it. Yeah, I take it with some skepticism too.

Again, i dont have any context.

But a comment…
Fast & Furious 22: Izyum Drift


Unconfirmed reports of Donetsk airport falling to Ukraine. If so, that is territory Russian-backed militias have had since 2014 (I think). Too, I’ve seen little about Russian air ops.


Russia getting its ass kicked and retreating, You love to see it.


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HAHAHA :clown_face:


Couldn’t happen to a better country…screw Russia.

I saw yesterday some reports they were air lifting its top leaders out and russian troops are fleeing or surrendering en mass in certain areas.

Awesome seeing the reaction of Ukrainian cutizens when they realize thr Russians have been driven out.

Also, the amount of captured Russian equipment is significant.

Can much of Russias failure be pinned on never establishing air superiority?


Arrogance and bad logistics.


Ukraine has a strong cadre of NCOs and officers, lots of training with US and NATO. Russian military doctrine doesn’t allow for unit or individual initiative whereas Ukraine encourages it right down to platoon level, like the US does. Big factor.


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