Russian Three Star General CAPTURED in Ukraine

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Possibility of pro Kremlin leader being elected in NATO
country. This could be a big deal.

But all that could change if Fico comes to power. The former prime minister makes no secret of his sympathies towards the Kremlin and has blamed “Ukrainian Nazis and fascists” for provoking Russia’s President Vladimir Putin into launching the invasion, repeating the false narrative Putin has used to justify his invasion.

He also blames NATO expansion for the war. :-1:

That would be a HUGE step backwards for Slovakia.

I hope he isn’t elected.


Fico wins.
Will have to see if he can form a government.

Not a good development, for Ukraine, US, or NATO.

According to preliminary results released by Slovakia’s Statistical Office at 9 a.m. local time, Robert Fico’s populist SMER party won 22.9% of the vote.

Progressive Slovakia (PS), a liberal and pro-Ukrainian party won 17.9%.

Polls suggest Fico’s pro-Russia sentiments are shared by many Slovaks.

According to a survey by GlobSec, a Bratislava-based security think tank, only 40% of Slovaks believed Russia was responsible for the war in Ukraine, the lowest proportion among the eight central and eastern European and Baltic states GlobSec focused on. In the Czech Republic, which used to form one country with Slovakia, 71% of people blame Russia for the war.

The same research found that 50% of Slovaks perceive the United States – the country’s long-term ally – as a security threat.,-Ukrainian%20party%20won%2017.9%25.


American Bradley doing some work in Urkraine…

Armor Experts Breakdown Video Of Ukrainian M2 Bradley Mauling Russian T-90M Tank (

Nato says Western civilians should prepare for ‘all-out war’ with Russia (

I think war is coming. The Russians and Chinese have fermented conflict and division in our country and they are sitting on a demographic time bomb. If they don’t move now to rebuild the Soviet empire or take Taiwan, 10 years from now they won’t be able to.

Demographics and time are in our favor.

Fear mongering bs article.

Russian would lose to NATO in the first 24 hours, even without US immediately helping, and everyone knows it.

They’ve proven themselves in Ukraine to be a 3rd rate power.


Russia-Ukraine War Analysts Reveal Plan to Defeat Putin (

Geography and weather were always Russia’s best defense. That is no longer a factor

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There will never be a war between US and China.

That would completely destabilize the entire world and ruin both countries.

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Don’t have start with China and America just like WWII we get dragged into it more the possibility it starting with India vs China . They spilled blood more than a few times over border disputes and now we’re re trying to ally with India to offset China

Demographics is the key. Russia and most definitely China are demographically dying countries. They are both lead by crazy dictators who view everything through the lenses of rebuilding their empires. They don’t have a lot of time because of their demographics.

The United States has all the time in the world. We have more people emigrating to the US than we can handle. Russia and China do not.

speaking of war, what will be Iran’s response…Al-Asad airbase was attacked by Iran after another general killed by US…


Just like that other general of theirs that we killed. They’ll gripe and moan, but in the end, they wouldn’t dare do anything TOO provocative.

Correct, there is a defined line that Iran can’t really cross without the reprisals escalating well beyond their capabilities.

Facing the ‘Russian World’ (

Uh, no.

Iran conducted an attack in Iraq in DEC. 2019.

And in response…

We killed an Iranian General and Hezbollah fighters in a series of strikes in Jan. 2020.

Iran launched some missiles after that, but there were no KIAs. That was it.

Iran did conduct bombings in Iraq in 2022, but Trump wasn’t President at that point.