I’m thinking about a trip to Europe next match. Let me know if anyone wants to make a group of it.

About an hour outside of Rome according to the Ryder Commission.

Speaking of the Ryder Cup, Harris English (University of Georgia) was the guest picker for ESPN’s College Game Day this past week. And in announcing he was the guest picker, a bunch of Ryder Cup players (and captains) made a video supporting their college team. Fred Couples (and son?) appear just past the 1 minute mark supporting the Coogs. It’s worth having to go through some of the players just to see Daniel Berger and Brooks Koepka’s comments on Florida State.

Having done a six month stint in Georgia I can’t bring myself to dislike them. I loved my time in that state.

That “Hook ‘em” crap just screams hokey to me. The fact that Couples lives out west and still keeps fittable UH gear around is impressive.

And while I don’t like Keopka his bag shtick was hillarious.

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