#s per position this recruiting cycle

What’s everyone s thoughts?
I’d like to see 5 frosh OL plus a few immediate help JUCOs to make up for low #s this year.
Where else are we low?

We lose a ton of WR’s so that’s an important target position; we only have 7 on the roster returning and only 5 scholarship players…and one of those is recovering from a serious injury. I would expect to bring in at least 2-3 this year and maybe try to get a grad transfer or two in the offseason.

Might bring in 2 QB’s as we’re down to 5 after Sells left. Postma is a senior, Allen may go pro after this year which leaves McClendon, King, and Smith potentially as the only QB’s on the roster.

I’d also expect 2 RB’s as the staff seems to want 2 each class.

We’ve got one TE committed, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see another brought in as there are only 4 on the roster currently and one will graduate.

Probably need at least 3-4 OL as we lose Oliver, Fontana, Rodgers, and Mix.

We’ve got 3 DL commits already. I’d be surprised if we try to bring any more in. We do lose Chevis, Jackson, and Thurman, but depth isn’t going to be a problem right now.

We have 18 LB and 7 will graduate. We currently have 2 committed, so I doubt we target too many more.

2 Safeties have already committed, but we lose at least 2 safeties and possibly a 3rd if Garrett Davis decides to turn pro after this season (he’s hinted at it quite a bit). Going to be a need position, but we may look at the grad transfer market for another S if Davis leaves.

CB is critical if no one steps up this year. Otherwise, we lose one senior (Myres) and the rest should be back. I’d expect 2 if possible.

Beyond that, there may be some slots left open for grad transfers or to try and lure in those big fish.