Sad Day

On this day in 1969 Mickey Mantle retired from baseball. He was my hero. Went to Cooperstown to see him and Whitey Ford get inducted into the HOF


I wore number 7…

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So did my son….from tee ball through college….

I started showing him MM highlights when he was about five.

He also loved Biggio :seven:.

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Biggio ws great… But I’m taking Tuve!

Coincidentally, my lucky/favorite number is 27… I started wearing that number in high school.

I stopped playing after 10th grade… 4 high schools in 3 states…

Loved Mantle as a kid even though I was born in 1980… :grin:

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Man Kyle, I’m a little older than you, not a lot….but when I was playing only the fat kids wore numbers above 19….:joy:

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I was a catcher… Lol

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True Player FOR REAL! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


It was Don Mattingly for me. My favorite player growing up. Hate that his back issues shortened his career.

Sad day we lost another baseball game today we officially are bad😖

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Don’t ruin the Mantle thread.

I’m re directing you to the Minute Maid thread. :joy:

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