Salman Rushdie......on a "Palestinian State"

Quote: “If there was a Palestinian state, it would be run by Hamas, and that would make it a Taliban like state. …and it would be a client state of Iran. Is that what the progressive movement of the western left wants to create?”


Therefore we should kill all living Palestinians

Who’s with me

I mean seems like an overly simplistic answer, but he’s just answering a question posed to him. And I mean it wasn’t Israel who tried to kill him. I’d personally root against the other folks pretty hard if they tried to kill me, it gets pretty personal at that point.

I mean he leaves out the important part of there isn’t a better solution out there.


He seems to leave out the fact there would be peace conditions that each party would have to accept and live by. Now treaties have been ignored by nations and their leaders even though they had solemnly swore they would abide such treaties. But that the chance you take when you attempt to make peace

If I were Israel, I wouldn’t accept any peace proposal that didn’t involve an unconditional Hamas surrender and agreement not to hold political power in the post war world; same conditions we gave the Nazis and Imperial Japan.

It remains to be seen whether Hamas would agree to such terms.

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