Sampath: Way-too-early 2022-23 college basketball Top 10 rankings

No. 2: Houston Cougars

The Cougars will bring back many pieces from their Elite Eight team last season. They accomplished this without arguably their two best players in Marcus Sasser and Tramon Mark, who got injured mid-way through the season. Sasser and Mark will likely return to the team, and guard Jamal Shead looks to be coming back as well. Moreover, Houston boasts a great recruiting class, as top-10 player Jarace Walker and top-40 player Terrance Arceneaux will play in the Lone Star state next season.

Even though they must replace key pieces in forward Fabian White, Jr. and guard Taze Moore, the Cougars have more than enough talented pieces to replace their production. With the way head coach Kelvin Sampson coaches defense, and the relative weakness of their conference compared to others in the Power Five, I expect Houston to remain in the top five in the rankings for most of the year.


With 2 spots open give me another big and we’re #1.


Jamal Shead “looks” to be coming back?


I didn’t get that either. Was that ever up for discussion?

I think he just misspoke honestly…… don’t think it was ever up for discussion.

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Just another opinion from someone not “in the know” !

They keep omitting the Sharp shooter that enrolled early and has been practicing with the team since Spring.

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I also believe Ramon makes a huge leap this upcoming season and will be a key piece in the run we make.

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Do the UH bball experts on this board thing Mark and Sasser are very likely to return as the article writes?

We know Mark is 100%

Sasser is dependent on what he hears from the scouts at the combine, along with where he is mentally….I think he is the only one that knows.