Sampson ‘a little bit surprised’ with Houston’s offensive performance so far - Daily Cougar

thanks for posting that - I found it a good article - even though I did not major in math or English. Still - I always find Sampson musings well worth reading.

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Six players in double-figures

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Am I the only one who was thinking UH’s 3-pt shooting was not good?

And then I looked at the conference stats…shows how much I know (or don’t)…or maybe just Sasser making the stats look better than they are?

|7.|Wichita State|7|56|171|.327|
|12.|East Carolina|9|48|175|.274|

Defense though…are we too slow out on the perimeter?

|7.|Wichita State|7|45|136|.331|
|12.|East Carolina|9|85|214|.397|

We are much longer on perimeter but give up the in you back pocket D that Corey and Galen played. Will make more games dogfights as our own 3PT offense is not a strength for us this year.

In the Texas St pregame, Jeremy used this quote but phrased it as Sampson was “impressed” so far with the offense. Sampson quickly said he was “surprised” and not impressed.

Both ends of the court are a work in progress. That happens when you lose 4 starters and the key players are fairly new to the system. I thought Gresham and Alley would be keys to continuing the culture but their minutes seem limited.

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Corey and Robinson were seasoned seniors and new exactly how Sampson wanted them to play…our new guys are just trying to get a clue right now.

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