San Antonio Commanders

Got quite a few players from UH on their rosters: Demarcus Ayers, Kenneth Farrow, Joey Mbu, Nick Thurman, Greg Ward


Thank you for posting. Mike Riley is a solid Coach. He got a raw deal with the chargers & ryan leaf.
I like the “regional” angle. Let’s hope this will open up some NFL eyes & our guys get another NFL opportunity.

Sorry @pray10, didn’t see you posted it in the other thread. I was looking around Twitter for the new DC and saw a lot of tweets about our former players on their rosters. Please delete this Mods

Yep, I was planning on following the Commanders as my AAF team during the spring.

Then, the XFL Houston announcement happened and now I’m finding myself looking forward to that even more in 2020.

Either way, I’ll be keeping up with the AAF on CBS starting in February.


There was just a commercial on the AAF on CBSSN during the Coog hoops game. There’s a team in Memphis I wonder if they will have a lot of former Tigers.

No, you’re good.

Having professional teams tied to colleges is actually a pretty cool idea. Great way to get CFB invested in a team right off the bat.


I’m glad they got a decent TV deal that makes or breaks you ask the NHL.

I feel like Ward would be the best QB on the team, but smart to stay as WR to get back on an NFL roster. Ayers and Ward lined up together at WR?? Interesting.


I am excited about both. I need more football. The AAF is doing a great job on Twitter.


What’s the salary? Anyone know? Hopefully these guys are making a decent living putting their bodies at risk.

I would say, prepare to be disappointed in terms of pay. It’s all about the longshot chance that the NFL comes calling again and this time you stick.

But if these guys are making more than 30-35k I’d be surprised.


Per ESPN: “League co-founder Bill Polian, an ESPN NFL analyst, said the league will give players three-year, non-guaranteed contracts worth $250,000 each.”

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My cousin, the QB for Arizona Hotshots, said he was making about $80k. Sounds about right.


Not bad for doing what you love!


Wow, that’s actually not bad


I know. For 10 games, hell yeah!

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Yea, not a bad deal at all! more consistency than NFL practice squad and you get to play.Nfl you could be cut any moment, so you can’t buy a house. Here they can live a good life with their family

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I hope Greg can work his way in at QB.