San Antonio Restaurants

I would appreciate recommendations for places to eat after the game in San Antonio - something on the River Walk would be nice. Thanks!

Mi tierra. I always get the Sonora special. Beef ribs. Yummy.


Thanks Am3260; any others?

On the Riverwalk: Acenar (Mexican), Paesano’s (Italian), Boudro’s (seafood). Downtown but not on Riverwalk: Mi Tierra (Mexican)

I like a couple in the Alamo Heights area which is on the edge of downtown. For breakfast, my favorite place is the Mad Hatters. They have everything from Migas scram to Belgian waffles and the food is always good. For dinner, I like Rosario’s. It has won several best of awards for Mexican food. I also like Pico de Gallo next to the UTSA campus on the edge of downtown. Solid Tex-Mex food. If I had to do one, then try Mad Hatters. I visit it once anytime I go to San Antonio.

If you want to be spendy but get a fantastic steak, stop by Bohanan’s.

Personally, I don’t eat much on the River Walk. An occasional stop off at Fogo de Chao. But if you want some fairly authentic Mexican food, you can’t go wrong with La Fogata, which is only 10-15 minutes from downtown. Great atmosphere in a hacienda type setting. Also, another favorite is La Gloria, which serves more of an interior Mexican cuisine. It’s on the river walk but in the old Pearl Brewery area, which has been revitalized. Both are very reasonably priced.

There are a couple of 'hidden" gems that I favor whenever in SA. East of downtown for bfast and lunch is Pancho & Gringos on Nolan. McCullough out of downtown turns into Nolan. Secondly for dinner is a great Asian restaurant, Tong’s Thai on Austin Highway inside of 410. It’s exquisite Asian food in a funky old setting. And their sushi is so fine. Both of these restaurants are reasonably priced. If you eat downtown you’ll get tourist food at tourist prices. Mi Tierra sucks, sorry to say. Overpriced and mediocre food. SA does have some great food, you just know where to look since most of it is overwhelming tourista. I have a sentimental attachment to Los Patios out on 410 and Starcrest. Food is pretty good but atmosphere is wowie. Like I said, it’s sentimental.

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Forgot to mention Taco Haven 1032 S. Presa St. pretty damn good breakfast tacos. Cheap too.

Lovetherock, the restaurants you mentioned are all in the King William district just south of downtown. Opposite direction from Alamo Heights. Just wanted to clear that up just in case someone goes searching and ends up on the north side. BTW, I live in SA.

That being said, King William has great restaurants. Many of which have been named (Rosario’s, El Mirador, etc.). On the Riverwalk my fave Mexican food place is Acenar which is right next to Hotel Valencia. If you want to spend some dough you can go to Bliss in Southtown or Bigga on the Banks. Both great. Paloma Blanca in Alamo Heights is amazing as well. Certainly plenty of places to choose from. The Pearl area has some great places as well. Down on Grayson has become a go-to for my wife and I.

La Fogata is the real deal. I was raised in Somerset, but born in S.A. La Fogata was around the corner from my Gramma’s house, and we would eat there from time to time. First place I ever remember Fajitas on a sizzling platter. Went back there for a bachelor party around 98, and it was great. Everyone loved it.

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I am a big fan of La Cazadora. It is a hole-in-the-wall, but man do they have good and cheap food. The dining area is literally a 30 x 30 space, but mom and pop owned. Great enchiladas, puffy tacos, and homemade horchata!

Not when you find $400 on the ground when you’re walking in from the parking garage!

Just off of the Riverwalk, the Houston Street Bistro is excellent.

Schilo’s German Deli is pert good. Homemade root beer.

But check hrs of operation.

Frank’s Restsurant in Schulenburg, TX. Halfway (100 miles) between Houston and San Antonio.

Frank’s used to be good. I was so disappointed the last time I went there. I like stopping in Sealy (live in San Antonio and drive to home games) and eat at Heinze’s. Good BBQ.

THANKS to all who have made recommendations; tough to make a choice, but we have done that. And now, we are looking forward to a great meal after a great win!

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Well…you gonna leave us hanging? Where ya goin’?:wink:

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It was a tough decision, but we have decided to eat at Paesano’s River Walk because we all like Italian food, and the restaurant is right on the river.