Sankey says no further SEC expansion

From the below referenced article:

"SEC commissioner Greg Sankey told ESPN on Tuesday night that he doesn’t anticipate his conference expanding any further. "

Sure, in the next week.


So they’re definitely going to expand.


Mighty SEC can’t stand that everyone is getting attention but them lol

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“We have this contiguous group. We don’t need to be in four time zones to generate interest on the West Coast,” Sankey said.

Sankey got beachfront property in West Texas he like to sale you,in a prime location too boot


He will expand if it makes his conference more money and increases their stronghold on college sports, specifically football. Don’t care what he says. Clemson and FSU would do that. If it can happen it will happen.


It looks like the ACC GOR has held up and the buyouts remain. Maybe FSU has some plan to cash out, but I don’t think Clemson is going to pay over a hundred million bucks to escape the ACC. And without a guarantee of a better deal elsewhere, I doubt FSU would either. There’s nobody out west the SEC wants and the SEC is really into the contiguous thing.

Obviously the SEC would take FSU or Clemson or both, but the SEC can’t do anything to help them out of their GOR.

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Lucky for him, Florida State, Clemson, North Carolina and Virginia are NOT in new time zones!

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These guys are mafia consiglieri’s. They’re always looking for another dock to flush out.

The Big 12 should go after Florida State, Miami, and Clemson just so the SEC and the BIG 10 CAN"T get them.


Ok that right there is a lie and he knows it. Sankey has to realize that no one outside the old Confederacy gives two sh*ts about the SEC or really about the South in general. In fact, it’s because the West Coast doesn’t really care about college sports in that the PAC12 fell apart.

Say what you want, but the combined population of CA, WA, and OR is 51.5M. Add on NV and CO, and you get to about 63M. That is a large population of people not caring.

However, the real issue for Sankey is not the West Coast, but the East Coast. Other than PA, most states north of the Mason Dixie line don’t care about college football; they barely care about college basketball.

This is why ratings for the CFP are in the toilet. My guess is that is why Bob Iger is so keen to sell or spinoff ESPN (which I predicted), because he knows Jimmy Pitaro way overpaid for all of these TV rights deals. No one is watching this stuff.

When you consider that ESPN pays the NBA 3.2B for its media rights over 5 years, including playoffs, and pays college sports 8B a year, it’s stupid money.

This is why consolidation is taking place, because these conference big wigs already know that the money is drying up and won’t be there in 5 years. So those bigger programs are trying to hog it all for themselves.

But, as we say in finance when people get too greedy: pigs eat and hogs get slaughtered.

The only way this continues is (1) government regulation; (2) pay per view model or (3) Armageddon - college sports is eliminated and changed to a club model like soccer in Europe. My prediction, since we have a dysfunctional political system, is that alternative 3 takes place. So, that explains FSU’s conversations with PE and JPM. If FSU is talking to them, assume Michigan, PSU, OSU, Duke, UNC, BC and other schools with large alumni networks in those firms (ie not SEC schools) have already done so.

I predict that in 10 years, college football and basketball will separate from their institutions and be totally privatized; athletes will be employees, and all of these sports programs will pay license fees to schools for affiliation rights. The schools will benefit from a marketing perspective, but will no longer have to fund it. What does this mean for the non revenue generating sports? It means they are on their own. It likely also means the end of Title IX.


The SEC can afford to wait. They don’t have a GOR nor an exit fee

They do.

That won’t stop the SEC or Big Ten or the house from making it happen.





Old Confederate states!

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Translation “Legally, we must say the SEC is not trying to poach any ACC teams. However, if they approach us at some point, who knows, maybe…”