Sanogo decommits

Knew this was coming for awhile.


Same here. We have some JuCo folks likely coming in and after the dead period, our staff will be back in homes. Coach Rhule at Baylor is going after many Houston commits…how ironic.

That’s seven decommits and only one commit since Herman left. It’s time to change this momentum.

Not worried. We will hire the DC and have new guys looking at us.

My big 3 are the QB and the two offensive linemen. We are real deep at QB, but he looks really good. The two offensive linemen look really athletic and fit in an area of need.

I also think we may end up with a pleasant surprise or two with some of the new guys coming onboard.


Very intrigued to see who we fill with all these new openings.

Based off of some of the visits scheduled, it seems we are going hard after JuCo DL, CB, OL, and edge defenders.

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We need some JUCO help. We are losIng 6 of our top defenders (2 LBs, 2 DBs, and 2 DL).
Remember how the defense played when Bowser, BWilson, and Taylor were out?
Now those three are all gone, plus Cam, Singleton, and Howard Wilson.

We need quality depth everywhere. JUCOs are a stop gap toward a championship run. This hire was suppose to be long term. Which starts with a quality recruiting class.

Im ok with this. I’d rather lose the guys that would run at the first sign of trouble now then be stuck with a player that gives little effort during tough times. It’s obvious they weren’t committed to our program/school but to a coach or an idea. There’s a reason why our 2016 seniors were our 2016 seniors. Consider this phase of recruitment a weed out process.


Rhule has a moral problem going after Temple, but not stealing other crecruits. Nothing changing at Baylor.

Nothing wrong with recruiting other schools verbals until signing day. That is part of the business and we are doing the same thing.

What I do not like is Herman essentially taking almost all our assistants immediately and targeting our top recruits while also crippling us in the bowl game. He could have waited to bring most of the assistants over and given the seniors a legit coaching staff for their last game since the players are the ones that earned his fat payday.



I am not impressed with CMA or the staff. Whether it be their experience or accomplishments. I hope they surprise on the football field.

What is it that is not impressive to you?

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Probably that his name isn’t Les Miles, Lane Kiffin, or any of the other coaches that were rumored.

I’m going to give him a season before passing any judgement. I remember Sumlin’s first class was under similar circumstances to today, and it was just as threadbare as this one looks to be.

Realize that our old coach went out and secured commitments early in order to get a high ranking early (you can game the system that way). Was something he could put on his resume, but in reality, it probably wasn’t shaping up to be a Top 25 class in the end.

The decommits (other than Huhn and Young who were mutual) have all been guys that were shaky from the beginning; many committing either in hope of Houston getting in the Big 12, or nailing down a scholarship until a better one came along. With it getting later in the process, those guys are getting the offers they were hoping for and jumping. None of these guys have been 4* or 5* guys because we had none committed to us.

In the end, we’ll keep 12-13 of the kids that did commit and fill the class with similar talent to those that left. We’ll then see how CMA coaches them.


This will be a transition class. That doesn’t mean CMA won’t bring in some talent. Never forget that UH doesn’t “recruit” our talent. For most of the last 50 years our program has brought in young men and worked to developers them.

Never forget that Case Keenum was a 2-star recruit. And he was very, very typical of UH players. And never forget that the UH team that plowed under Florida St was mostly - not entirely, but mostly - 2-star and 3-star players.

So we’ll be fine. And as is our history we will find some real diamonds in the rough who will go on to become first class college players, while a whole bunch of 4- and 5-star players never see the playing field sitting in the 4-deep spot at UT.