Sasser in the three point contest

It looks like he will be in the skills challenge?



Sasser would win the step back and euro step contest as well!


3 years in a row for the Coogs repping

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I hope Sasser wins, and it will bring exposure to UH, but it will not be a surprise. Last year, Taze was a fenom that most people had not seen or heard of. It was awesome.


I doubt the Virginia Tech guard will be there. They made it to the women’s Final Four (unless the 3 point contest isn’t this weekend?).

Wonder what % he’ll be healed by then

Guess minimal risk to further injury

When and where?

It’s tomorrow night downtown at the Bayou City Music Center. But I don’t see Sasser on the list of participants. Maybe this is a different event but it’s a 3 point contest for both the men and women and features a bunch of different players from around the country (and slam dunk contest for the men).

What an odd place to hold it.

is a horrible venue for concerts much less any sporting event

this 3 pter competition would have been ideal for Fertitta Center

wonder why our facilities guy didnt jump on this ?

Because we were in contention to be using our own facilities

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