Sasser's 3-point release

Similar to Davis, Sasser is hurt by the fact that he’s a 6’1" shooting guard. Making plays for others isn’t his strength, and even on next years team I expect Shead and Mark to take a bigger role in making plays for others than Sasser. So I don’t see Sasser ever really being a floor general from that perspective.

I think Sasser has a shot at the NBA, but in a role similar to what we see from Patrick Beverley–as a 3+D guard who plays off the ball. There’s just not a ton of teams that such a player fits onto, so I’m not sure if there’s a team willing to give him the opportunity. But I think it’s more likely we see Sasser end up in an overseas career. If Sasser were 3 inches taller, he’d be on draft boards right now.


Not saying it will happen, that is what needs to happen for him. Even with Beverly he came into the NBA with good experience running a team otherwise he would still be in Europe. It will make the difference from Sasser being a summer league guy hoping to get a camp invite and being a draft pick.

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I disagree. I think Sasser fits in the role of a 3-point shooting specialist much the same way as Steve Kerr did for the Bulls. Many NBA teams would love to have a guy like that who can be relied on to consistently make the 3 whenever a team calls for it.


So who won?

Sass won from the counselors.

Brandon Rechsteiner a 2023 VT recruit (#25 National PG) won from the counselors vs an impressive bunch.

" The camp includes many elite recruits, including David Castillo, a five-star guard from Bartlesville High School in Oklahoma; Jamari Phillips a five-star guard from Modesto Christian in Oakland, California; Simeon Wilcher, a five-star guard out of Roselle Catholic High School in New Jersey; Dedan Thomas Jr., a four-star guard out of Liberty High School in Nevada; and Zoom Diallo, a four-star guard out of Curtis Senior High School in Washington."

Some nice offers.

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