Sasser's 3-point release

I just want to give this dude his own little appreciation post. He has really grown as the season has progressed, and I can’t wait to see him after some more time in the program. He’s maturing before our eyes!

My favorite part of Sasser’s game is his release on his 3’s. It is so damn, quick! The closest comp I can come up with in Cougar Red is Oliver Lafayette (I’m class of 05), and Sasser’s is better. He can get a shot off with a defender in his face and they still don’t have a chance to get their hands up in time. His catch and shoot barely looks like he catches the ball at all! It’s as if he is just redirecting the pass towards the goal.

I love it.


He reminds me of Kyle Lowry …but he’s a better shooter. He has a great future at UH and after.


You might want to change the topic heading. I thought he was released from the team.


Great post @nateski87

It looks Greek to me. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sasser has come a long way this year and had his coming out party at SMU last week.

Our team is going to be SCARY good for years to come assuming no one goes all Armoni Brookes on us…


A year later, and this dude keeps amazing me!

Sasser’s body is incredibly in sync when he’s shooting his 3’s. Go check out the highlights of last nights game, and focus on how smooth his body moves. As he’s jumping, his arms are rising at the same rate. He uses his legs PERFECTLY to optimize his power, and it makes his release quicker since he’s not just using his arms at the top of his jump.

Dude is nuts the way it is, and his shooting has improved from last year. By next season, i think he will extend his range fy 4 feet. He can hit it now, but he will be consistent from deeper if he keeps working on his shot.

Such a sweet stroke.


I thought so too. It’s like an effortless glide. He’s good off of the dribble as well. He’s special.

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I got a text from a buddy last night during the game about Sasser. This buddy is not prone to hyperbole. He said: “Sasser is NBA ready. 26 points. The step back Curry-like quick release is impossible to guard.”

I’m not sure he’s completely NBA ready yet, but I get the point. Even though he’s small, his shot will translate to the NBA because of the quick release off screens and his ability to stop on a dime and step back into a shot. I agree with @nateski87. I think next year we’ll see Sasser taking and making Trae Young type 3s. And why not? He has the range and we’ve proven our ability to snag offensive rebounds at an alarming rate.

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Is he really 6’1"?

After watching him progress at the end of last year I knew he’d be one of our stars this year. I don’t think he should try to go pro until at least one more season but he’s at least as ready as Armoni was when he left.

I completely agree with the Lowry comparison. Very similar demeanor (even body type to some degree) and his release is just so quick.

Other than Q, he has the most NBA potential of anyone on the team. If he’s a legit 6’1" I say he gets drafted for sure.

He is my favorite player. As soon as I saw how accurate and consistent he is with his shooting, and that was pretty much the first game I saw him played, I knew he is the most important player on the team. Not that I don’t think highly of the other players as well, but Sasser is special on a different level! There are going to be plenty of NBA teams that want his service, but I hope he stays for at least another year!

If there are plenty of NBA teams wanting him he will not be back

Exactly what I’m afraid of! Double edged sword!

Interesting how close the numbers are:

Marcus Sasser so far this season: 31 mpg, 16.3 ppg, 2.3 rpg, 2 apg, 1.4 steals/game on 42.9/40.6/85.2 shooting splits.

Corey Davis Jr. senior year: 33mpg, 17 ppg, 3.3 rpg, 2.8 apg, 1 steal/game on 42/37.5/86.9 shooting splits.

Yes… interesting

And what NBA team does Corey play for ??

You guys and your NBA talk :sunglasses:

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I didn’t bring up the NBA. It’s more that next year Marcus Sasser may be as good right now as Corey Davis was during his senior year. And I expect Sasser to be even better next year.

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Sasser will get to the NBA if he comes back next season and is the main floor general. That is something that hurt Davis since Robinson was in the same class. Plus Sasser is a better shooter and ball handler than Davis already.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to direct it at you.

Seems like as soon as we get a player that can play, people on this board start projecting his NBA talent.

I remind people that Dotson is still the only one, even though Hinton has played some with Dallas.