Sat Games of Note

Tech up on the Cyclones 10-0. Gibbs D is swarming.


That blocked punt was huge. Shut the Ames crowd up. Now Gibbs has a cushion.

Personal foul roughing killed the D on that drive. Cyclones score 10-7

Broadcast schedule:

Huge crowd at UCONN today :roll_eyes:

The announcers are commenting on how the blitzes and pressure by Iowa state are confusing bowman and he’s having to throw a lot of his passes away because of that.


And now ISU has the lead.

FSU is losing to Clemson 45-0. Their worst loss ever was 49-0 to Florida in 1973

Also UConn just ate a L to UMass, at home. That’s really bad.

Tech recovers Iowa fumble in end zone for TD. Tied 31-31

Tech loses, looks like Texas is going to lose.


Lot of game left for Texas.

Edit: I hope they lose.


We will never know what if UofH mixed in a blitz on Tech?


Ugh…I’m watching this Tulsa-Tulane game now. Not exactly a great game or anything, but they’re tied in the 4th.

Tulsa funbles and Tulane scores a TD to take the lead. Tulsa imploding late…again.

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And Tulsa loses again.

Navy is losing to Notre Dame 27-7.

Aggies losing 21-13 late in the game, but they’re driving on Miss State. Ags are ranked 16th.

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Ags picked off with 2:36 left. Have all three timeouts left.

HAHA,…State QB just goes 76 yards for the TD. Bulldogs up by 15 with 2:17 left.