Saturday 10/6/18 game action

Ehlinger seems to have finally gotten used to the speed of college football. UTs offense has been looking a lot better.
Sucks for us that hate Herm.


Sure hope ECU saves some of this suckage for next weekend.


Cincy shredding Tulane’s defense here in the 2nd. They’re going to be a tough team to face next year…believe we get them here.

Texas gives up TD playing “soft zone” . . . . . where have I heard about soft zone before ? ? ? ? ? Penalty for 5 in backfield, illegal procedures, and a late hit two steps out of bounds that the official ignores . . . . . I’ve noticed all this and I’m watching more of the Cincinnati Tulane game . . . . .

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I must say, whoever scheduled the East division this year, knew what they were doing in order to garner the most excitement:

Last 3 weeks of the season will decide the division title:

  • Nov 10: USF at Cincy
  • Nov 17: Cincy at UCF
  • Nov 23: UCF at USF

Hopefully OU makes the necessary adjustments and shuts out UT in second half.


Need OU to make the playoffs man

On a tangent . . . . . Our receivers could learn a lot about blocking if they watched the Van Vleck high school team . . . . . I’ve seen two of their games and their DF blocking is awesome . . . . . and for the most part, ours sucks . . . . .


i can co-sign this. i went to a van vleck game the night i went to lubbock for the tech game against my hs.

Dang . UT was in a huge hole then got an extra ten yards on a screen when the scrum kept the runner standing.

Cincy blocked punt…have the ball deep in Tulane territory. About to blow this game open.

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I didn’t know much about Applewhite at the time and was thinking Orlando but… I still have problems with games that we should have dominated yet it appeared we were not prepared for and didn’t seem to make adjustments.

I cannot remember which were the games but it looked like some coached were more concerned with things other than HOUSTON football on the should wins.

I was also concerned with Orlando being HC and unable to focus on the kind of defense that made us good. Applewhite, imo has been somewhat milquetoast even after he had to become more involved. Is there a fear of taking chances when you are the HC?

My guess is that Herman and Orlando both value their current titles more than anything else and are putting more into EVERY game.

I think both of the head teasips would be great here if we had some loyalty, not just the empty words. Sure Herm loved us, we got him to where he wanted to be.

We need a UH to the core set of Coaches. Imo they are the best when they focus on their jobs. They will be at UT. Orlando’s exit strategy may be a year or two down the road but for now he continues to build his brand.

D’Antifreeze should be learning that the play fans love, aggressive play is the path to success anywhere.

The whole staff and team needs to get off depending on great plays by Ed and focus on making MORE standout players in part BECAUSE OF Ed. I think from the last game EMEKE EGBULE is capable of busting out especially with senior experience, GRANT STEWARD will be a great one, imo. We need equivalent growth of a new Treyvon Stewart and Tyus Bowser.

On the other side of the ball I sometimes wonder where Josh Burrell went. Some of his very runs looked like he would be a great one. I AM happy to see some good Tight End involvement because McClosky is another one we should be developing and I think we are.

Sorry for the off-topic but that’s the way this scrambled mind works.


That running TD by UT looked familiar. Their blocking has been incredible today. Wish we could get four star linemen two deep.


The wife noticed a long time ago so is it just us?


That was hilarious. Announcers talk about how Texas has kept OU’s receivers covered down field so no chance for big plays. As he finished the sentence one of said Receivers was behind the D and TD!


Talking heads, sheesh!

Wow. Murray choked there big time.

another td. ou’s defense getting shredded