Saturday action

Guys, I think ECU might be a bad team…:neutral_face: 49-3 West Virginia at halftime. Mountaineers put up 479 yards in the first half.

Cincy-Michigan is terrible, but Bearcats are only down 17-7 at half. Michigan is not impressive at all.

Upset alerts in the SEC: Kentucky is losing to Eastern Kentucky 13-10 in the 3rd.

Ole Miss just took the lead on UT Martin at the half, 17-16 after being down 16-6 at one point.

Louisville-North Carolina is a good game. Cards are winning by 6 in the 3rd.

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Iowa State took an early lead on Iowa, but their offense has struggled since then and the Hawkeyes are now up 21-10, as is fair and just.

Cincy within 3.

Nice drive by Cincy to start second half, 17-14. You would think Michigan would be rolling all over Cincy after what we saw in week one action.

To be fair, there is a little of a step up in the speed and size of your opponents when you go from a home game against Austin Peay to a road game against Michigan. I would have been surprised if the first quarter had looked any other way.

Army losing to Buffalo in the 4th.

Iowa State takes the lead on Iowa, 24-21 with a little less than a minute left in the 3rd.

More poor time management by Cincy leads to snap sailing by punter for a safety, 30-14

Iowa wins in a classic, 44-41 in OT.

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Middle Tennessee’s matte blue helmets are gorgeous. Probably my new favorites in C-USA. They’re down 3-2 at Syracuse.

Will UT win by more than USF did?

Sure doesn’t look like it.

Navy hangs on against Tulane.

Temple needs a late FG to beat Villanova.

Tulsa giving up a lot of points, but handling ULaLa.

Kansas going to lose to Central Michigan.

FCS over FBS:

  • New Hampshire is about to beat Georgia Southern
  • Weber St leads Cal in the 3rd 20-17
  • South Dakota leads Bowling Green 21-3 after 1

Heck of a game, I sold my away tickets for that game because of travel. I wish I had made the trip.

Great game by the Hawks.

Rice actually looking like a football team, have a 10-0 lead over UTEP in the 2nd.

Wonder when Tommy starts calling out the fans…To be fair, a lot of games have looked like this so far. UNC-Louisville had a ton of empty seats as well.

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Early AAC Highlights;