Saturday games

Hail Mary time


This must be an error, OSU is playing someone else.
Maryland lost at home to Temple 35-14. Oh wait, the talking head line will be this is a much improved Maryland team. That they were outstanding when they defeated UT, became awful when they lost to Temple and then improved to what they are now.


I almost joked, if Maryland wins it will put ut back in the top 10.

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I can see it happening, sadly. Probably pass UCF.

Utah State-Colorado State tied at 10 in the 3rd. Good for the American if Utah State loses.

Go for 2 Maryland!!!


Go for 2. No doubt

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Ok, now go for 2!


He was wide open

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I don’t feel confident they can get the 2 with the way Ohio State has held the line

Oh man

How. Do. You. Miss. That?

whatever happened to Chance Amie

Now that is two 1-loss top 10 teams that remain a 1-loss team because their unranked opponent went for 2. It feels fixed when the unranked teams play for the win and the ranked team plays for the tie.

Utah St. loses on hail mary to Colorado st. just to have refs come back minutes later to say receiver illegal touched ball… Utah st. is given win

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I very reluctantly put money on Tech and they’re playing like it.

Ended up at Syracuse

I still enjoy watching Sumlin struggle. Go Cougs…the Washington State variety!