Saturday Vball Sold out!


Good luck volleyball.
Have a great series against TU.

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How many counts as a sellout in vollyball?

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If I remember correctly, the article at stated around 7047.

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Horns fill up their volleyball stadium, hopefully it’s mostly red but I doubt it, Horns gonna fill the FC and TDECU dam

Why do you doubt it was Cougar fans? We had a record crowd earlier this year.

Just don’t think 5000 more Houston fans are that interested in VB we will see, I’m hoping it’s all red of course

I knew basically nothing about VB, but after seeing Katie G dive over the table last year I started getting interested. Football and Basketball season ticket holder, and I’m going. I suspect there are a lot of folks like me. I’ve got no doubt it’ll be mostly red/white.


Anyone there, how is crowd percentage wise??

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Watching on tv we are hanging in there but Texas looks much bigger and stronger, don’t think we can hang in there

Crowd is outstanding. I’d say 60/40 Coogs. Definitely a lot of Texas fans, but we’re definitely louder.

Texas is really good, but we’re hanging tough, and took the 2nd set. Currently 15-12 tu in the 3rd.

It’s hard because black is a common tu color, and it’s a black out game for us.

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Since the start of the 2nd set, we’ve been the better team I think. Granted….I dunno jack about VB other than the very basics.

21-18 Coogs, in the 3rd. Pretty loud in the FC.

Oh well they played hard but we aren’t quite there talent wise

Blew their chance at the end of the 3rd set. Absolute back breaker.

Yup, totally changed everything, losing that set

Consistently slightly worse that UT

They are defending national champs. No shame in that loss.

Had to watch the game on tv as my wife and I were out of town. Crowd looked great, team looked good. There is a reason why Texas is the defending national champs. Volleyball is definitely Big 12 ready.
Thanks to everyone who was able to be at the game.


TCU takes first set 25-14 over #6 UT in Ft Worth. Lots of empty seats on ESPN2.