Saturday vs Friday home games

My hope is the home Friday games in the Big XII become mostly a thing of the past. When they schedule home games at 6 pm is just bad for Houston fans to get to the game before kickoff. People who arrange this have never driven in Houston traffic at 5 pm.


Be thankful we are not in the MAC with all of their stupid Wednesday night games.


just leave at noon, work from home

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I like going to Thursday and Friday night games, but I understand people do have trouble making them, especially when they are 6 pm starts.

Cincinnati only has one Friday night game, so yeah, we’re getting screwed.

I think once we are in Big 12, we return to the world of Saturday football most all the time…
HAPPY day…

Remember the Tuesday night game in CUSA or am I just making that memory up?

In the MAC, Tuesday and Wednesday games are almost par for the course!

Pretty sure it was a Tuesday night game at Marshall when Patrick Edwards ran over the Radio Flyer illegally parked in the back of the endzone.

That’s why the stands are always empty during those games, either that or it’s a blizzard

I like Thursday night games because it doesn’t affect high school games Friday that I go to. I can concentrate on watching other college games Saturday.

The Big 12 does not have Friday games often that I recall. That could change depending on the new TV contract in a couple years and if media needs teams for Friday slots in general that they will pay for.

I’m ok with Friday games but I’d rather sat bc that is what p5 s do. I think they have enough G5’s for third and Friday.