Saturday's game time?

Once we win on Thursday does anyone know what time we would play on Saturday? My oldest is getting married and I was hoping for a good TV time so I can see both live.

8:20 central…

but note games regular get pushed back because of the game before theirs

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He is asking about the game Saturday not Thursday?

Typically a 1 vs 8/9 seed matchup is early on the weekend

If there’s 8 games Saturday. I would expect to start in the early afternoon (like 2-3pm ish)

those are decided based on tv interest, we wont know those till after all the Thursday games are done

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

Evil eye.



I’m going to go w the idea that they will be playing late again Saturday. Based on Thur gm finishing around 10:30 CST, I don’t see the Networks penalizing them by making them play like only 40 hrs later. Plus if schd in evening (7-8:30 ) that would be Prime Time gm for #1 vs #8/9 gm. Jmo on how i thk they will Schedule

Don’t assume we win Thursday. Stay focused on the task at hand. We don’t want to go in unfocused on Thursday night

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Is We as in us on the forum need to be focused. Bc I thk CKS will have the Team focused, ready n most important take care of NKU.


We as a forum need to be focused

One game at a time…all Coogfans need to put the “Eye of the Tiger” song and focus on Northern Kentucky…

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Ok. :smiley:

Last year for example, the first 2 games of the day on Saturday.

#8 UNC vs #1 Baylor

#9 Creighton vs #1 Kansas

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This doesn’t mean anything because it doesn’t show what time they played on Thursday last year.

Kansas as a #1 seed plays at 2pm on Thursday and Bama as a #1 seed play at 2:45pm on Thursday. So last years schedule is more likely to show when Kansas and Bama would play on Saturday. Not UH.

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But if they do that to us it will clearly be a conspiracy.

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The key question would be what time did Kansas & Baylor play last year on Thursday.


According to this site, Kansas was the last Thursday game for 2022 tournament :wink:

If theres a bunch of upsets that will affect Saturdays schedule.

Obviously they want the best matchups in primetime on Saturday. So typically #1 vs #8/9 aren’t the best matchups. Just my thoughts