Sauron's eye fixed on big 12

Don’t really like the idea of the big 12 taking ESPN/Fox for all their worth because they can’t negotiate. Is this why we’re being admitted? As a tool in a money grab? We need the networks and I think it’s unwise to tee them off.

That said if we have another P5 offer we should reeeeaaally consider taking it. Here’s hoping our PAC 12 meeting went well!

Arizona St
Texas Tech

The new PAC 12 east. Lots of things to look past like BYU’s no Sunday rule and the PAC’s non religious thing but these are issues that can be ironed out I think. The California schools stay together and you get exposure in two major cst markets in Dallas and Houston. Two rotating cross division games and two OOC games. The first Super Conference. I guess this was the Monday big announcement. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The PAC will not take BYU or TCU because they are Church Schools.

ACC needs a#16.


A blind 3 legged sow can see the obvious …

Fox and ESPN are OUT OF MONEY!!! …

ESPN had to chose between the Big12 and ACC and gave in to the ACC (to keep Fox outa the hen house) to get them their network but not until 2019.

Because of this the Pac12 will NOT be looking beyond the Rockies as they have problems of their own.

Neither the B1G nor SEC will want to share their bounty by taking in any more “mouths to feed”

SO THE CAVALRY WILL NOT BE COMING OVER HILL to rescue our coogs as a plan “B”.

Its the Big12 or the abyss (expansion-wise) … and right now the Big12 cajones may be running out of courage to stand up to both Fox and ESPN.

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