Saw coach Lewis in the airport

We spoke on the airplane. They had coaches meetings this week in san antonio.
He said they tried to P5 / G5 track and field this week. so called P5 schools were dominating track and field last decade until UH came along last couple of years. This year he says they are better than last years #3 finish and everyone knows it. They are trying to eliminate UH as a competitor by separating the schools along the same lines as football. Separate the national championship along P5 and g5 and lower d1 groupings.
In a closed door session they tried to rewrite rules to give the “P5” schools 75% of the voting power. apparently the effort failed to get the votes needed in exec committee.
Said there is already
a cartel arrangement with indoor track and field by keeping most schools athletes from qualifying indoor. The rule is the school/ athlete has to compete in 3 indoor meets…they simply don’t invite the many of athe schools to compete, and thus they cant qualify. UH is building a new indoor track and plan to be very inclusive in thier meets.


It feels like at some point a lawsuit needs to be filed against the P5. These conferences get away with it in football but now there is an obvious attempt to horde many to a limited number of universities in other sports.


We are fortunate to have such high profile, respected and influential coaches representing us little guys .


Anyone else momentarily confused by this headline? (Even though it wasn’t in the basketball section)

Good. I’m happy that we have the best coaches in T&F heading up our program. They won’t be able to keep us out and we’ll fight them if they do.


Since those so-called “Power 5 schools” wanted to make paying players legal and have even won an initial lawsuit against the NCAA to pay players, why don’t the Group of 5 schools sue the Power 5 and the NCAA in allowing this cartel arrangement in which a group of schools is denying another group of schools of fair competition and the opportunity to grow and attain better players and athletes?

What the Power 5 schools are doing is a monopoly attempt. Why not sue them for violating the Antitrust Act? If it’s illegal for businesses to use monopolistic tactics to take complete control of a business, surely it must be illegal for schools to do it as well, right? After all, what these Power 5 schools are doing has far worse consequences than the business sectors!

Denying schools the opportunity to grow and impeding with their ability to provide for their student athletes is even dirtier and a cheaper attempt to kill off competition, in my opinion. Schools are supposed to be in the business of teaching, not suppressing other schools’ ability to grow and progress!