Saw Tony Levine last night

The Ridge Point High School theater group set up a car show at the Sienna Chick Fil A that Coach Levine runs to collect food for a food pantry. I had the pleasure of talking to Levine for quite a while. He’s such a remarkable guy. A month ago, my son helped organize a fund raiser for a child in need. Coach Levine donated 100 chicken sandwiches for us to sell at the fund raiser. Coach told me that Case invited him to his hall of honor induction and it’s the first event he’s been to since he left there 9 years ago. So if any of you are going to that event you’ll have an opportunity to say hi.

He’s still a fan. Every time I see him and if I’m wearing a UH shirt, he always comments with “I love your shirt”.


I thought Levine gave that up to coach at a private HS?

No - the HS coaching is a voluntary extra thing for him


I’m still a fan of the man


Great share. Also, I appreciate the info. He is a stand-up dude and I like having him in the family.


Dang we need him back in the program.


Great guy. Best recruiter we had since Pardee


Don’t mention the last UTSA home game.

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As a human being, I’ve never heard anyone say a bad word about him.While I’m sure we all agreed he needed to go as head coach, no one seemed to have Ill will, it just didn’t work out.

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Genuinely a really good man. He is an asset to the community.


He is a good man.

My son hurt his hand (sprained his thumb) catching a pass at one of Tony’s summer camps.

He called me that following monday to check on him, he offered to refund my cost of the camp (I declined told him to give it to CP) and invited me to stop by one day for lunch on campus. I never took him up on it but it was nice he called to see how my son who was only going into 9th grade was doing.


Tony is a class act


Its a shame that people who are really amazing at things, and often wonderful people, get promoted one level higher than than their optimum operating position and are then judged harshly and perpetually by what they did at that level.

The dude is a great guy, was a really good recruiter, and did a totally solid job as a special teams coordinator. Hes not a total bum because he didnt win as many games as Tom Herman.

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Class Act Tony Levine