SB Nation-Bill C’s AAC power rankings/ Best Offensive/Defensive Players

Tier 1

  1. UCF
  2. Memphis
  3. Houston
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Feels very two years ago-ish. We were the heavy favorites and no one gave anyone else a chance. Didn’t even make it to the conference title game in the end. Even have the similarity of both us and UCF losing strong defensive players and some offensive weapons while returning a strong QB. We’ll see how the new coaching staff gets them ready, but wouldn’t be surprised to see UCF take a small step back just because it is a new staff.

I think we’re under the radar this year. We were a mess offensively last year until King was named the starter, and even then, he had to do too much. Defensively, we were too passive; hope that changes this year. Thing is, our defense doesn’t have to be much better this year if our offense clicks. I think Connelly knows this, but there’s no way to statistically predict it.

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I predict that neither of those teams will be in the AAC title game !!