SB Nation's review of Case Keenum

Obvious bias in the article towards Goff. Totally ignores the fact that Steve McNair who had a lot more talent than Goff didn’t play more than 4 games in his first two seasons. Goff didn’t even know how to take a ball from center and while he has the big arm has no clue about NFL defenses. I think he understands that fact even though SB Nation and all those wantabee fans in LA think Big Arm =good QB.

Written by a child with too much time on their hands.

A single clip to illustrate broad comments about CK’s abilities. Weak.

SBNation, where any person with a keyboard can write an article. :expressionless:

Very, very, very biased against Keenum and doesn’t mention a lot of mitigating factors. There was a comment down below (among the many Goff lovers) that actually defended Keenum very well as they mentioned that using stats right now is misleading as Keenum and the Rams crapped the bed against the 49ers, but that looks like an outlier in a small sample size so far. Keenum has actually been around league average since then while maintaining ball control…which is what Fisher wants in his QB right now. He’s fighting for his job, he’s not about to start an untested rookie who looked terrible in preseason.

Using the GIFs to point out specific instances of what the author wants to talk about reminds me of how everyone piles on James Harden. I’m not saying that Harden is a good defender, he’s very below average, but anyone can pull up multiple plays of a star not playing defense. I hate these type of articles that think they’re providing true analysis; they don’t mean anything without watching the entire tape.

Author also didn’t include that Tavon Austin leads the league in dropped passes with 4 and that Keenum is 5th in the league when it comes to receivers dropping passes with 8; Luck (10), Stafford (10), Brees (9), and Fitzpatrick (9) are the only ones with more.

Author also likes to dog Keenum’s arm, yet Case is 5th in the league for completions of 40+ yards and 16th for completions of 20+ yards.

Keenum has no pocket presence and takes too many sacks…he’s 14th in the league in sacks with 8 and tied with 6 others including Rodgers and Roethlisberger and only 1 ahead of Brees.

This is also with the team that is 30th best in rushing yards per game right now. Hmmm…let’s blame all the 3 and out problems on the QB when the offense is constantly left in 3rd and longs because the team can’t pick up yards on the ground.

Look, Case hasn’t been perfect, but the team is 3-1 playing against some tough defenses. Yes, a lot of that is due to the play of the Rams D, but its not like Case has been terrible outside of the 49ers game (where the entire offense was terrible). Case and the offense have slowly improved from week to week and will hopefully continue to do so.

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You should submit that post as an article to the same site! Seriously. Well done.

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I would, but those guys are all about Goff on that site and won’t change their mind. There are a few guys trying to post rational arguments in that comment section and are just getting killed by Goff supporters. Makes no sense: you finally get a team after 20 years, it’s 3-1 and in 1st, and you’re calling for the rookie QB who looked atrocious in the preseason over the guy that’s 6-2 in his last 8 games. Those fans don’t deserve a team.

Just hoping that Keenum keeps playing well enough to get that contract next year with someone else. Same situation happened with Brees in San Diego when they drafted Rivers. Worked out well for him.

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Yeah. I don’t get that. Although the most popular player is often the backup QB.

That would be great for Case.

Right. But that’s usually when the starter is playing poorly.

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