SBNation reporting Applewhite will be fired

If you’re going to spend the millions it would take to get Holgorsen here, then yes, he should have championships.

I believe you have an inflated version of our school and how many coaches want to come here. If we are going to get a championship coach it will be from CUSA at best

Let’s see how each one does tonight and then decide. Don’t want to rush into this.

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Pelini is the reason even Scott Frost didn’t have a winning season. Mediocre x and o guy, below average recruiter (despite being at Nebraska), terrible developer. Nebraska fans have most of the same complaints we have about Major.

You saying this about me let’s me know you haven’t read any of my posts. I am the one who wrote this…

Yet you’re demanding a coach who has won championships?! Holgerson would be a great hire despite his failure to win the Big 12, the last 6 Big 12 championship coaches consist of 2 guys who are retired and are not coming back, especially for us, the current OU coach who is linked to NFL jobs and Briles who will not be hired here for a number of reasons. Holgerson has compiled a team that is ranked every year and performs pretty well all while being in the middle of no where in a state that is not known for producing great football players

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What??? The guy got fired after a 9 - 3 season.

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No, I’m not.

This was literally your quote: “How many championships does Holgorsen have? His best team finished third in the BigXII.”

I think he was saying for the money.I like the pub from Holgorsen

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Maybe we have the timing backwards but let’s publicly announce our new coach today and then email Applewhite on Jan. 1. Happy New Year Major! Thanks for playing.

True. He won a lot at Nebraska. However he had choice words for the NU fan base and admin.

He’s 27-22 at Youngstown State including 3-5 in conference this year.


Seems DK4 isn’t happy with this

He’ll get over it once Holgersen is announced.


Really? Well, if I see you coming, wearing rubber boots, I’m running.

Let the fun begin. This will be an interesting next few weeks. Glad it happened now and not this time next year. Just Win!

See a person who has read my posts for the correct take.

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