“Scenes from a fall”- Duarte

I don’t remember seeing this.


Uh oh…a Duarte article where he’s not going full propaganda for us. Cue the Comical crowd.


Nothing to see here.

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I don’t get the title of the article.


Seems like full propaganda to me but then again I don’t plan on even reading it after seeing the heading. Good luck being the first to the next inside scoop jd. :joy:

No click zone

Didn’t you hear? They don’t want propaganda. They just want optimistic, positive, super favorable articles without any mention of any fact that may be viewed in a negative light by anybody anywhere. Totally different!

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That article is almost a month old

Haven’t read it (behind paywall), but if they write as much positive on the way up as they write negative on the way down, that’s balanced.

Honest opinion… do they?

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Duarte was pretty positive about the Coogs when we were winning. He didn’t write anything really underhanded during that time.

On the Cougar Corner podcast earlier this month, Jeremy Branham, Eschenfelder and Pardee talked about the 2020 season. One point I found interesting is that most of the major contributors this season were brought in by Holgo. Thought being, if in his second year most of the contributors are his guys…and depth is a major issue, expect the third year to have less of a depth issue and to improve significantly.

The article was okay–pretty factual.

Nothing said you can’t read on here on a near-daily basis.


JD seems to get his ideas for articles from Coogfans

Give the people what they want. If the hardcore fans (we here on CoogFans) are already discussing it, why not enter the conversation.

And he is certainly not the first of our beat writers to do it

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