Schedule change for UC game


Good news and good rule.

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UC has so many gms to make up (Covid) that the road gm @ UC may not be able to be played.

So they listened to me !

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debatable we just lost a q2 game for a q3 game

:roll_eyes::smirk:. CKS not thinking like that for 1 second.

Agree with the rule and the ruling. I’m sure CKS and the team will be happy to eliminate the travel and to stay at home.

It’s hard to win on the road. Cincinnati is getting better. I would rather have a more than likely q3 home win than a possible q2 road loss-not that I think we would lose, but odds are much better that we win at home.

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Not debatable. As long as we keep winning we don’t need to worry much about quad wins.
Happy to not have the travel to Ohio


It’s also Cincy. They’ve owned us historically. Let’s get a big home win.

The genius of CKS to make sure all our players and staff got Covid early in the year and got it out if way for the conference season !!:sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: