Scheduling early September Non-conference Game?

Anyone have an update on AD efforts to schedule a September 5th or 12th game, given the Rice game is postponed? Sure would be nice to have a game under our belt prior to meeting Memphis on the road September 19th.

Sometimes you have to be already to fight the “giant”. It would be nice, but let’s prepare to rumble with Memphis.

By the way, maybe this should be last straw with RICE.


I agree, I used to like the idea of playing essentially another home game, but that is enough. We have UTSA and TX St to look at going forward.

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I’ll take either UTSA or Texas State as a first game opponent. A good opportunity to shake out the rust and take some full contact hits.

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According to my player, they are not scheduling one. No other team has reached out to us and schedules are getting harder to accommodate. Unless something has changed and he has not mentioned it.


I really thought we might schedule BYU for a second game. They only have 4 games on their schedule.

play them twice?

With 4 games, they could play their whole season and everyone who has not redshirted could still redshirt.

Wish rice would’ve accommodated playing that date instead of delaying their season for another two weeks. But they gotta do what they feel is best.


No way do I want to see the same team twice in one season. That hurt us before…playing Air Force during the regular season then that Bowl Game.


Yep, that coach figured out where to put those linebackers to break up the passes.


I wish Sam Houston State would play a few fall games like HBU is doing. That way we could do an early September game with them.

I don’t like not having a game under our belt before Memphis when they will.

Agree. Back in the early seventies when we played them they were in the Southwest Conference and we were independents. It was a big deal back then. Now, Rice is a joke and not a funny one. Their stadium is built like a solar oven, wooden bleachers, non-existent concessions, terrible traffic and worse parking, a band that is as entertaining as rug burns, no student or community following and I could go on. Cancel them, now and forever.


Actually if I remember when we played them twice in the same season we won the bowl game. We lost the first match-up due to hurricane ike and having to play the game elsewhere in some not so stellar circumstances. The following year is when we got our butts kicked by them in the bowl game.


Since it appears we have no replacement game in the 2 weeks before Memps. I suggest we need to play ourselves (red/white) with bloodletting mentality “hard hitting” game like conditions Tom Herman mentality.

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