Scoring per Month in Regulation Time

September. 26

October. 38

November. 49


Going with that trend, I feel sorry for the bowl opponent. :sunglasses:

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Might want to share this info with all of those fans who have not seen any improvement, this year and the past 5 years . . . . .

Seems like a trend where Dana’s Cougars have a slow start to the season and start to improve after expectations have been dashed.

To be comprehensive would suggest doing defense too

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We can score a lot against Tulsa

Could finish November averaging close to 50 during the month.

That is tremendous!


Imagine if someone could prepare our team to fire like that at the beginning of the season!


Seems we played cautious offensively early because the OL was still getting things together and the new WR’s had trouble with routes. . As both have improved we opened things up. And also given the defense we had to.


This comment scares me. Someone actually making sense . . . . .

So we start improving when the NY6 is eliminated?

Were your expectations last year to exceed 12-2?

You might want to reassess your expectations and land somewhere closer to reality.

I would believe this had I not heard Dana say in a pregame that the 2021 approach of keeping it close and winning late worked well but had not this season. This is why I tend to blame the offensive philosophy for the Tech and Tulane losses.

I am not anti-Dana. However, I was frustrated with the change of heart on the approach. I think this is the aggressive offense most wanted to see when Dana was hired but I had to change my expectations over the last 4 seasons and then they seemed to flip the switch in the middle of this season.

Big credit to Tune who has been on fire since the Memphis 4th quarter. The Holgorsen HC era has mostly had Tune at the controls but that will end in 2022. It will be interesting to see the 2023 version.