Scoring Way Up in Last 3 Games

We are right at 90 points per game since the Wichita St loss.

Clearly Coach Sampson changed our plan of attack after that game.

Today I believe we had 31 fast break points and USF had virtually 0.

This is NBA style, and frequently was Guy V. Lewis style.



They are definitely pushing the pace and shooting with more confidence…the inside game with fabian and chaney is also adding to the overall effectiveness…deejay was on fire today.
if grimes stays hot Coogs will be difficult to beat in the tourney


Gorham got 20 minutes, Chaney and White each got 18, and Grisham got 14.

Grisham’s decline in minutes has accompanied the scoring increase.

Coach says that Chaney has “energy” which is why he now plays more.

The formula for our Lineup appears set as we begin March.


i was talking about this earlier …i dont think its that we have such a drastic style change but that now we are still developing even when we have big leads unlike earlier in the season

we could have put more on alcorn, boise, tech and lamar if we wanted

earlier in the season after we got a huge lead, we’d start killing clock… we’d only take a shot if the shotclock was under 10 secs, and those end of shotclock shots were always poor, so our scoring and lead would always dwindle after the huge lead

the last few games, we are using huge leads to get players going and arent slowing down…after we got up huge on cincy, we made sasser take a ton of shots, then with wichita we did that with fabian…tonight we tried with sasser then went on to the bench guards

i think the change is that we realize the tournaments (both) is 2 games away, we cant waste game development and confidence building tome to be playing mercy

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Tyson was 3/5 from behind the arc.


Tyson played some ok D and went and got a tough interior rebound today. Coach applauded the rebound. He’s progressed his game despite limited minutes.

Roberts also had another good defensive game. He hustled and seems to be able to guard 2-5. A very valuable skill.

Shead was solid especially his on ball D.

Mark had an excellent but quiet first half and then seemed to dial it down a notch after halftime. Coach pulled him at one point and gave him an earful.

After the Covid break Gresham seems to be out of breath constantly. I wonder if it still affects him.

Cheney is really coming into his own. Hard to understand how Arkansas couldn’t find a fit for his skills.


Agree with others Chaney brings energy. IMO he’s also more of an offensive threat right now than Gresham starting him has been huge. They’re just getting back to basics of CKS ball. The bigs box out the other bigs the guards rebound and off to the races. Oh and Grimes has been NBA jam lately that helps. Fun times.

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I am really going to miss watching DeJon play for UH.

I love the way he controls the flow on both ends of the floor !


Agree he’s really becoming what Galen was for us. The PG that has SO much more to do with winning than what the stat sheet says.


He has improved his three point game too!


Deeky had a MASSIVE dunk in the WKU game…

If everyone keeps at their current play and Sasser gets his 3 point shot back we will be a title contender.

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Dejon this season is shooting over 38% from 3. woah!

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The top tourney teams are high scoring. Even with out defense, we’ll need to score to go deep. Remember the Kentucky game when the refs called ticky tacky fouls on us and we couldn’t run our normal defense? That’s what we need to get ready for.

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I agree.

What’s interesting is that he’s starting to actually fill up the stat sheet.

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The game Sunday v Memphis should be a good test of the offense. They are currently #2 in kenpom defense efficiency.

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Yes he has. While everyone was marveling at Grimes’ 3 pointers, he was 6 of 12 from beyond the arc; however, DeJon was 4 of 5. As much as 3 pointers are exciting, I loved watching some of the assists Deeky handed out.


And how his teammates are looking for him to pass the ball. Much fewer fumbles this year.


For the year, Chaney is shooting 62.5% from the field and 74.4% from the line for 5 points per game. Gresham is shooting 51.8% from the field and 38.1% from the line for 3.1 points per game. We have been doing better with Chaney than Brison; it’s just that simple.

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The switch to Chaney looks brilliant so far.

And the return of Fabian is a total game changer!