Season Preview: Houston

Closing Statement
For Applewhite another five loss season probably tosses his keister squarely on the hot seat and makes 2019 a nine win or bust season. But Houston is better in 2018 and they won’t stall out waiting for a quarterback to emerge.

Oliver deserves another run at a big-time mark in a bowl game. This year he has the horses to get him there, assuming the Coogs stay reasonably healthy, run efficiently in Briles’ new offense, and take care of business. That middle factor is the lynch pin. A good ground and pound game will open up the edges for Houston’s fleet of tall receivers.

If that happens, watch out.


I’m really liking swc round up content. I believe we are going to have a special season. This defense is stacked!


They really are…really hitting their stride this year.


The navy roadie will be tough. Tuck sumlin, tech, and mumphish!


10-2 or 9-3, solid improvement. Kind of a waste of Oliver’s last season but if there’s total improvement in wins and in the fields I’d call the session a success.

new years 6 or bust

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My heart says we go 12-0 regular season, but the skeptic in me says we go 11-1 and lose to either Tulane or SMU.

For me, 12-1 with the loss to either of them or Tulsa and we may as well go 7-5. The hurt is the same for me.

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My favorite line from a very fair analysis: “That bleeping Tulsa game should be played on a loop in the Houston weight room.” Amen, brother.


12-1 with loss to Tulsa or SMU… I’ll take it all day. Since there is essentially zero chance that Tulsa or SMU win the division, it means we won the conference and are in a New Years Day Bowl. Frankly, I think we have a decent shot at going unbeaten, but undeated seasons are very rare. 12-1 and a loss to Memphis is a much worse alternative IMO.


If we go 7-5 Applewhite should be fired when the season ends. With the talent this team has anything less than 10 wins will be deplorable.