Season Ticket Mailing

Anyone know when we should expect them?

I was told close to the end of the month.

Or, with OUR ticket office, maybe too late for the first home game! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I called last week about our NRG seats and was told our tickets were already in the mail.

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I was told to expect a mailing date of Saturday August 17th.

Anyone received OU tickets?

I hope they don’t cut it too close to Labor Day weekend.

Any updates?

I was just told “a couple of weeks.” I don’t think the students that answer the phones really know anything. The young lady said they’re sent by another company so they don’t know. I have had many subcontractors over the years and every one had a deadline and schedule. I just don’t think that info is shared with the kids on the phone bank.

With OUR Ticket Office, we will be lucky to receive them before the end of the season!

Received OU tickets today.

Feels like something they could tweet out on a proactive basis so people would be on the lookout for them.

I did as well. Regular mail.

I came over here to start this thread.
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Does anyone know if the WSU tickets in NRG will be mailed with our season tickets?