Season Ticket Price Increase

Received this email that prices will increase 10%

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TL;DR: “Your tickets may or may not be increasing in price. Look at these charts showing how broke we are. Season ticket prices are not included in this email. Just wanted to let you know, there is no action to be taken at this time.”

I can see why the students cut the athletics funding. Pez cannot communicate effectively to save his life.


Firing Dana wasn’t cheap


“Understanding the dynamic nature of college sports, we’re mindful of the need to adapt and innovate. This includes making thoughtful adjustments to our season ticket pricing. For the 2024 season, we’ve implemented an average increase of 10% across the board.

But then he says they cut prices in the cheap seats. So that means some sections are going up 15-20% …


Neither is keeping the AD.

I find these emails to be a total waste of time and somewhat insulting. Don’t tell me things are getting more expensive for some people, less for others, and maybe no change for some without providing the relevant information. I’d prefer he spend time on things that matter instead of this nonsense.


When you want to play in the big leagues, you have to pay big league prices, it’s that simple. I just look at the price structure as I look at the income tax graduated structure. Those who can afford more, pay more; those who can’t get a break.



  1. We gotta pay Dana’s buyout.

  2. The students want to cut funding.

  3. We got to make more money from 6 home games.

  4. We have to pay the buyout fee for the AAC.

  5. Y’all got tax refunds.

  6. If you got money for golf, hunting, and fishing, then you can spend on season tickets.


The price changes aren’t what bothers me. My UH tickets are, bluntly, dirt cheap relative to other entertainment options, and presumably will remain so even after the price increase. It’s just that the email was so remarkably unpersuasive, and just as uninformative on anything relevant. It’s got the same vibe as an undergrad student presenting a project they know is a completion grade in a blow-off class – “I don’t want to be here and neither do you and what I say doesn’t really matter, but I had to say something.” Like, if that’s the way you’re “communicating with the fanbase,” why even bother, man?


I wish it was more blunt and not some long exhaustive message with the economics and where we stand among our peers. A simple one liner would have sufficed…

“Yo! What Up? Season ticket prices are going up ‘cus sh*t ain’t cheap. SYHTFOTW.”



I agree. The email was garbage. There was no useful info about when to renew tickets or what the price changes were.


This isn’t my complaint. I fully realize that everyone has a choice of whether to pay for season tickets.

That vapid word-salad email that fails to provide any useful details is what’s on my nerves. It offers no information to readers regarding how the changes will affect them. Why waste everyone’s time sharing the same charts that have been sent out before? It’s just stupid.


I never read all that stuff, I just buy my tickets and leave it at that. I figure they figure the prices on balancing what they need with what the market will stand.


Loved all former Coogs but damn, it’s time for new AD. I would have fired his ass after the stupid B12 toast he and his staff put on for us and the country to watch. S*** was embarrassing!! His words and voices have no meaning and doesn’t excite our fanbase or students anymore.


Couldn’t agree more. And while we’re at it, who proofread and signed off on this?

I opened it expecting to find a renewal link and a date they decided I should renew by.

Instead it was the same ol song and dance of graphs showing that we don’t pay as much as other schools and our budget is also lower.

Oh, ok. Thanks for the info. Delete.


The pricing came out a couple months ago, i broke it down in another thread I will find it and post it here.

Section 2023 2024 Difference % Change
Cougar Club $2,198.00 $2,500.00 $302.00 13.7%
Yeoman Hall $1,060.00 $1,100.00 $40.00 3.8%
Terrace Club East & West (East & West Redzone Decks?) $1,060.00 $1,400.00 $340.00 32.1%
Party Patios $1,060.00 $1,100.00 $40.00 3.8%
South Prime Chairbacks $975.00 $1,000.00 $25.00 2.6%
North Prime Chairbacks $825.00 $850.00 $25.00 3.0%
Sideline Chairbacks $723.00 $725.00 $2.00 0.3%
Sideline Bleacherbacks $627.00 $625.00 ($2.00) -0.3%
Sideline Bleachers $475.00 $475.00 $0.00 0.0%
Lower Endzone Bleachers $331.00 $200.00 ($131.00) -39.6%
Mid-Sideline/Upper Sideline Bleachers $253.00 $150.00 ($103.00) -40.7%
Mid-Endzones/Upper Sideline Bleachers $175.00 $99.00 ($76.00) -43.4%

It is a bold approach, the Terrace Club is the outlier I have never even heard of it maybe they are adding amenities, they changed the name. They increased the club 15%, I believe there is a waiting list and kept the rest of the premium seats about the same. This all equates to a significate increase due to less games and no UT game. Then they lowered the end zones and upper deck by 40% which is about right. Are they going to invest in ushers or can we buy $99 tickets and sit where ever we want like last year?

Does anybody know the season ticket totals from 2023 and 2022

Northside 227-231 bleachers is best value. I have tickets in 230 I bought to sell/giveaway and will probably renew because the price will be cheap enough.


Looks like the vast majority of seats are about the same or going down. Only some club areas going up a lot. People should be reasonable happy for the most part.


If I sell my 2 tickets for the UH vs Kansas game this Saturday, it can fund a majority of my football season tickets.


If only Pezman had some way to convey that information. :laughing:

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