Season Ticket Price Increase

What does the 2025 season have to do with ticket prices for the 24 season?
There will be a lot of new information to factor into the 25 pricing.

I expect the ticket office has far more statistics on the purchase of season tickets than anyone on here that they use for their pricing models.

I explained it within my message. If we don’t win then consumers are going to stop buying the Betty Crocker cake mix. Not us die hards, but the fans who hopped on when we had UT in the schedule and night stick around an extra year.

Sure. But do they know how to use that data to create a pricing structure that stops milking the few diehards that show up? When someone already pointed out that Groupon tickets are available which will likely undermine season ticket holders. The ticket office has already undermined season ticket holder pricing by offering specials in recent years after season tickets were sold.

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“If we don’t win then consumers are going to stop buying the Betty Crocker cake mix. Not us die hards”
That has nothing to do with 2024 season prices. They do not price this year’s tickets on the assumption the Coogs may lose and have to worry on how many they will sell for 2025. They are based on formulas to maximize revenue for this year.

Not sure of their competence. Some choices have been rather iffy in the past. Without all their data, I cannot answer to their techniques. I am guessing that specials after season tickets sold had very little impact on season ticket sales. Most that want season tickets did not hold out just in the hopes of specials offered. Also most seats that get offered in special are not ones that season ticket holders want. I doubt most season ticket holders or future holders are the same people as those shopping for the cheapest options for seats. Different target audience.

I saw this with Sumlin, Levine, Herman, Applewhite, and Holgorsen.

Many of our fans are in wait and see mode in every coaches’ first season at UH and Fritz is no exception.

Way more than all Aggie games except UT or Bama. Maybe LSU?

I saw that student ticket passes are $400 at A&M. Pretty much a guarantee for football games with 35k seats set aside but big hoops games (UT, UTK, UK) are general admission.

They had to know sales would be slow this year coming off a losing season and no big names on the home slate.

They have a right to increase prices, but putting out bs in the on sale emails about prices not going up when they did based on the 1 game difference is sad.

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It seems to me that inexpensive seats are quite plentiful at TDECU, so all the whining about the ticket prices just needs to stop.

Further, with UH fan support being among the bottom 2-3 teams of all the P5 programs in the nation, it seems our time would be better spent encouraging others to come take advantage of our relatively inexpensive ticket prices. :smiley:


I’m buying my tickets and don’t care if cheaper tickets are available somewhere else in the stadium. It’s an elastic demand. I won’t buy seats that are in worse locations than I currently am. What I will do is continue to weigh UH season tickets vs anything else I enjoy doing.

Pricing being one of the reasons for the bottom support for the product that has been offered.

And I don’t care if other college teams pricing is higher, I don’t buy their tickets.

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Might as well offer a discount on football season tickets for people who hold season tickets for basketball.

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Strong chance I’ll be relinquishing my season seats for a mini package. I believe in the direction of the program under Coach Fritz, but it’s a big investment.

Did you expect to pay AAC prices once we got to the Big 12?

What does that have to do with my comment about an elastic product and raising prices this year despite one less home game?

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It is in relation to some of our fans wanting to pay AAC prices but want to compete in the Big 12.

“Pricing being one of the reasons for the bottom support for the product that has been offered.”

Last year, yes, because we had Texas at home. Make the money while you can.

This year. One less home game and no Texas. So where is the justification to charge more for just being in the big 12?

The only reason is to try to diminish the subsidy from the school and students. After pezmans atrocious presentation to the students I don’t expect good justification to the ticket buyers for the increased cost.

The subsidy won’t go down by bleeding the few fans we have.


How is this bleeding the few fans we have this is half the stadium:

Lower Endzone Bleachers $331.00 $200.00 ($131.00) -39.6%
Mid-Sideline/Upper Sideline Bleachers $253.00 $150.00 ($103.00) -40.7%
Mid-Endzones/Upper Sideline Bleachers $175.00 $99.00 ($76.00) -43.4%

The sections that did go up strictly looking at it at a per game price are the premium seats, I honestly think they should have ramped down sideline bleachers and sideline bleacherbacks but that’s a small group.

You are complaining about a perceived 16.6% increase when you only calculate the number of games for Fritz first season… when we hired Dana my seats went up 29.4% and we just paid him $14.8 million to go away. The money has to come from somewhere.

How on earth is this price increase from Pezman’s SFAC pitch that happened weeks after this pricing was announced other then your desire to insult Pezman.

If 16.6% hurts too much downgrade your seats and remember we cancelled the Red Bull deliveries and have something to look forward to!

Also we need a bobblehead giveaway!

Let Tillman pay for his buddy. I will push back on paying for other people’s mistakes.

Has anyone heard anything about these breakfast invites?

I do believe we are getting somewhere, as I do agree that the way that new sales SHOULD be done is like you described. HOWEVER, in REALITY, THEY TAKE PEOPLE’S MONEY WHENEVER SOMEONE WANTS TO GIVE IT TO THEM. No one wants to put down a deposit and then pick seats leftover.

You can call now and see what seats are available and move to those locations now. And they will do that because the seats were not sold as season tickets last year. The better seats that were sold as season tickets in the previous year will not become available until after the deadline.

I received the email with the invite to the breakfast it came at 4:26 from

We agree, but this discussion started by a poster saying they should sell tickets as soon as the season ends so people could buy them over the holidays. I disagreed as to the reasons we have discussed with season ticket holders not getting a fair shake.