Season Ticket Question

I received an email a couple of days ago from the Houston Texans giving season ticket holders the ability to opt out of season tickets this year and pick them back up next year. They are also refunding any payments already made for 2020 or applying those payments to next year.

Has anybody heard any rumblings around the UH ticket office if this might be an option at some point for us? They already moved the deadline to renew out into August.

Please don’t turn this into a Texan bashing conversation. We already have a ton of those.

Full refund if no games played.

I think we also have the options to roll forward to next year season ticket purchase price or donate what we paid to Cougar Pride. If we donate to CP I believe it counts toward the 2021 CP seat donation.

Does anyone know if the August deadline applies for basketball also? Or is that tba.

You can call the ticket office even though they are working remotely. They returned my call when I inquired about the automatic payments hitting my credit card. Seems they had to bill FB and BB separately.