Season ticket renewal ends tomorrow

Renew your tickets if you haven’t already.


I scanned the TC seating availability and found only 22 single seats scattered around arena. mostly on the ends and corners. There were no two seats together left. I wonder if they were holding back season tickets that have not been renewed yet and waiting until after tomorrow to let them be sold.

This is what I was told.

I was told by the ticket office to contact them after today to see availability to move. They have to hold everyones’ seats, whether they renew or not. Hope to move away from the three tall people who sit in front of us.


Seems like there would be a seat upgrade process once the renewals are done as opposed to everyone calling on Monday.

I don’t want to upgrade, i just want to move to get away from the tall people.


Same-don’t need to upgrade just would like to move up a couple of seats and closer to the aisle.

They are still allowing people to renew today and next week we will be given the chance to move around if others do not renew today.

Actually they just called me and moved me up 4 rows. Win before the weekend.


Just called ticket office about moving over one section. They’ll drop seats not renewed by today and will show availability by Monday afternoon.

Need to get to a better spot to catch a Tshirt.
A few years back I got a shirt every game. Seemed like I was the only one there sometimes.

We’ve come a long ways. GO COOGS!!


My wife I and just got season tickets for this upcoming season so we’re just happy to be in the building!


Debated moving to the first row of 102 or 104, but decided to stay put on the other side.

Limited availability is a great problem to have…how far we have come fromm basically having a whole section to ourselves in Hoffheinz.


My buddy and I just moved up four rod and closer to the middle today. Mows the time to move, if interested. These seats will be worth gold when we play Kansas, Baylor, ut, etc…

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Can you look online or do you have to call?

Probably easier to call, in my opinion:


Business hours: 9am -5pm CT (Monday thru Friday)