Season ticket renewal

Just renewed my season tickets in Section 102. Super pumped! We were in 126 last year but the sun was brutal. The previous years of TDECU we were in upper deck in 306. LOVED the view from up there, but my people got tired of the stairs. I think this will be the best yet!

Anybody sit in 102 or that area? What’s it like?


Are they upgrading season tickets now?

The deadline to renew was April 15, but I was able to renew this week and move to another location. It’s not like they’re going to turn you down if you want tickets. Basketball might be different.


The hell? They told my I could move my seats in May. I guess decades of buying goes in the crapper if you opt out for COVID. Of course they happily accepted my CP :heavy_dollar_sign: last year.

Just renewed today as well…still in the 230 baby.

Just noticed in the email receipt that the Texas Tech game wasn’t listed. Is that not included??? We’ve had lots of NRG games and all but the bowls have always been included in season ticket packages. I hope that’s not true.

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My understanding is yes, it includes a ticket to the NRG game, as well as a parking pass to NRG. I think it was mentioned in the recent UH Athletics or Cougar Pride materials that were sent out.

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Watch out for those people in 103… they are wild.

I renewed, didn’t opt out but can’t upgrade or move seats until may …with a name like SnoopCoog he might have a little street credit. Don’t fret Commish, it will all work out. I doubt they are out to get you .

Well after a long drawn out process covering the bulk of two days my group is now happily (for the most part) owners of seats in 105. They were indeed moving and upgrading folks despite the previously announced May date.

Our new account manager is very sweet but very green, at least to our process. She got it done, got our hoops tickets renewed too. At least I think so.

There was a point where staying in 131 and dying of heatstroke seemed less daunting than going through this. I’m really curious how schools with 100K+ season tickets do it. Good problem to have I guess

Final hurdle will be trying to get the incorrect parking passes they have sent annually straightened out.

I can verify that the sun is just as hot in other outdoor stadiums in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Florida. Are our fans just wusses compared to their’s?

On the parking passes - My main tailgate friend and I qualify for garage passes but we down grade to the green lot in order to tailgate. We have always done this through our Cougar Pride contact (not the ticket office) and have had no issues in the past. That is my suggestion for you to work with CP to get the correct parking passes.

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My guess would be that “other” schools are not forced to play @ 11 AM or later on during the hot season. If I recall correctly, when you and I were following SWC football, the early games were always in the evenings and the games later in the season were played in the afternoons . . . . .


I watch games at these times in those states every year.

It’s not the heat. I take meds that require me to limit my time in the sun to avoid melanomas which I’ve had to deal with for most of my adult life.

Way too much time outside in my coaching career.

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I have found that if I take 4 or 5 potassium tablets before the game and hydrate on Powerade/Gatorade and water, I do a lot better. I never drink beer in the heat, it saps me. I wear the white dry fit shirt to day games and watch getting too hot. If I need to I will stand below now and then, and during halftime. Having survived a heat stroke about 30 or so years ago, I do get hot easily, so I have to prepare well for the heat

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