Season tickets sold over 22K

Hunter Yurachek
Hunter Yurachek‏ @HunterYurachek
Just left the UH Ticket Office and #HTownTakeover continues as 2016 @UHCougarFB sold season ticket total rolled over 22K today. #GoCoogs
Jul 11, 2016, 5:19 PM


I wonder how many of those people were mad at themselves for not getting the OU game.

Is 25K a possibility even without OU?

We’ve sold 800 in the last 5 business days (10 total days).

There are 53 total days (including weekends) left before the OU game. And I think they sell season tickets through the Lamar game.

In any event, 53 x 80 = 4240. 26K is possible at this pace.

I’m going to say 24K is in the bag at this point.

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It’s crazy because HY was planning for 20K. Then we blew that out of the water. We are in uncharted territory.


This is fantastic!!!

I like the way you think. 24K Would be an approx 60% increase in ONE year.

Does anybody what the student ticket allotment is?

it was7500 last year

I believe it is the same this year.

Students are never turned away as long as there is room. There are 7500 allotted, but the students have shown up the last few years. We blew through that number multiple times last year. We are going to sell out every game.

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The real mystery is why is HY leaving the office so early.

That 20K number was sand bagging big time. They sold 2.5k new season tix in about a week after the AAC champ game win (or was it the Peach Bowl). This has had a feel of inevitability all spring and into the summer. I’m just really happy to see it come to fruition despite the threads here and on the other site about ticket office woes.

Awesome! Atmosphere on Game Day is unbelievable. College Football is the best sport in the world.

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So can UH still sell season tickets after the OU game?

If so, and we beat OU, I would imagine we would see a last minute spike. 25K is definitely attainable.

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I think if we beat OU you would see the season ticket numbers jump to about 25K.

It is amazing to see that we have that many season tickets sold already. I’m just hoping for another great season. It was a fun ride last year and filled with so many emotional wins. I swear some games, my heart couldn’t take any more excitement. lol! Regardless of what happens, I have my four season tickets and can’t wait for the season to start. GO COOGS!

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What channel carries professional college football?

The Longhorn Network



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