Season tickets

Does anyone know when the season tickets will be mailed? I purchased mine in November and have heard nothing since then. Thanks

Good question, waiting on mine as well.

Guessing probably next week.

It’s like they read this board…:wink:


A friend got his fri or sat, can’t remember. Supposed to get mine Monday 2/5 according to UPS.

Received one of the two I ordered. Also given tickets when I requested the card. Ticket office is a joke.

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In all sports they seem to have had issues for decades.
Its hard to get your mind around it.

I received an email from UPS that they would be delivering a package on Saturday. They finally delivered last night (Monday) at about 9pm. The three day delay is on UPS but makes the ticket office look bad. The tickets are paper. Why give the choice of paper or card if the selection is ignored?

I had a similar experience with UPS, but did get them yesterday.

I called today about my missing ticket and why i received a ticket book and not cards. Don’t have an answer on my missing ticket but was told they did not issue cards if you chose mail delivery. I told them they should make that clear because my confirmation shows cards to be mail delivered. The guy said that is how it is.

I know that AVP Pezman cannot fix everything immediately but I really hope that the ticket office is very high on things that need to be fixed first list.

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To update, today I get home and have 2 ups packages. My missing ticket and the reprinted ticket from my call. I was only given one tracking number and can’t figure out why they send 2 season ticket booklets in two separate boxes.