Season Tickets?

I renewed mine before the deadline and haven’t received them. Everything shows good on my account online too. Anyone else or did mine get hijacked on the mail?

Not anywhere near the time when they’ll be mailed out. Look for an email to notify you. It’s the way it has been done the last few years.

I thought I saw others saying that they already received them. Maybe it was all a bad dream!

They typically arrive a week or two before the season starts.

Many pick up their tix at the tix office, I assume before mailing.

I emailed last week about this and was told everything would be mailed out in August. Hope nothing gets lost in the mail!

Ticket office told me if you want to pick up in person contact them by the end of this week (July 29). They also told me they will be sending out an email indicating when we can pick up season ticket packages in person. Also indicated the mail out date for those who do not want to pick up in person is supposed to be mid-August. I sent an email to the ticket office indicating I wanted to pick up my package. When I look at my U of H account manager the status for my tickets and extra parking passes is “Will Call.” Only thing I can say if you pick up in person and there is something wrong in your package you will be dealing with a representative in person and not voice and email.

this is what I do - I pick up in person, plus I like going down there anyways (from The Woodlands) and walking around campus after eating at Ninfa’s

That being said I have yet to purchase my 2nd set of tickets I like to give away to potential future fans. Probably will do so in a few weeks.

You won’t get them until next month. You will know they started arriving when you see the threads in here complaining about the seat assignments at the OU game.


I just ordered my tickets for the Navy game, and the account manager told me the tickets would be going out on August 12.

I assume we are looking at cards again. Call me old fashion but theirs nothing like a crisp ticket in your hand while walking to the gate. Great souvenir too!

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Yes the cards again, but I was told that they tried to switch back to hard tickets to late in the game. Sounds like next year they’ll go back to actual tickets.

personally i like the cards. sure there is a nostalgia factor to tickets but heck, I’d even prefer a scanable phone app. Less worry about remembering your ticket and which one to grab etc etc. I love it for flights and I’m sure I’d like it here too.

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I really like the cards. You put the card in your wallet when it arrives in the mail and you always have your ticket. Way more convenient than paper. Flash seats work really well for Rockets games so I wouldn’t mind seeing something like that either.

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NCAA Final Four organizers sent out physical souvenir tickets in the weeks after the event. They had not announced this and it was a very nice surprise Flash Seats were used for entry.

I can see an opportunity for the sale of a well made sheet of souvenir tickets being sold. Or maybe as an incentive for higher level CP donations. :::shrug:::

I prefer paper tickets but if the plastic cards cost the school less I’m OK with them. …btw…I lost my cards while at the tailgate for the Navy game. The folks at the ticket office printed out paper tickets in about 30 seconds and I was good to go.

That’s good to know that it’s not a headache if you lose your card! I wondered about that.

Even with the cards you can log in to your account and print tickets for any game.

Yup. But I was in the parking lot. I was afraid someone would find them, use them to get in and I’d be stuck.

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The ticket office told me I can pick up my tickets on Monday August 15 which is the same day they said they will be mailing packages for those who elected to not pick up in person.

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