Seat cushions

Are chair back stadium cushions allowed at game tonight? Do they rent? Bring your own?

I believe you can rent cushion chair backs for $15 in the stadium. I wanted to say you could preorder in advance for $10.

I have a seat that attach to the bleachers and they allow for those to be brought in.

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Ahhh aluminitis. Scourge of the stadium.

I brought my own to the UTSA game.

“Houston fans who own personal seatbacks will still be allowed to bring them into TDECU Stadium as long as they are 18 inches or less in width. Seatbacks wider than 18 inches are prohibited in TDECU Stadium so as not to infringe on neighboring seats.”


Thank you. I bought foam cushions at Academy an hour ago. I thought their stadium seats looked too wide. Appreciate the width dimensions. I’ll check those out at Academy for next game.

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I just bought and used the Academy seat back last night. I had the same concerns about the width but it worked just fine.

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We have two red ones with UH logo on seat back. Rubber pads on bottom and handle for carrying purposes. Last night, two of our group showed up with two identical to ours. Also were purchased online . . . . .

I bought this one from Amazon and it was very comfortable and sturdy.

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